Lindsay Kay Hayward is no stranger to standing out. At 6'8", the 30-year-old towers over most people she meets. But that hasn't stopped her from following her dreams! We sat down with the star of My Giant Life and talked #TallGirlProblems. Check out her interview in the video below:

The aspiring actress is sending a positive message to everyone who feels like they they don't fit in. "Anything that makes you unique is something that you should be using as your strength and something that you should be celebrating!" she says.

In other MGL news, Lindsay's co-star Krista Kay, who stands at 6'6", recently revealed to Life & Style how she's dealt with body shamers from a young age. "Middle school was probably the worst for me. My main coping method was comedy," she explained. "I would just agree with what people would say in a joking manner, which takes the power away from the bully. How people treat you reflects who they are and NOT who you are."

But that doesn't mean the constant comments don't offend her. The former pro basketball star, who played one year in Australia after honing her skills in college, shared, "Some people literally look at me like I’m a waste of life because I’m not in the WNBA. I started rebelling against the stereotype that tall people should be basketball players. Even though getting the opportunity to play professional basketball overseas was a huge blessing, it wasn’t fulfilling enough for me."

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