Rest is key! Total Bellas star Nikki Bella revealed how a lack of sleep has been “hard” on her postpartum weight loss goals on Friday, November 6.

“You got a super tired mama here,” the 36-year-old told fans in a series of videos posted to her Instagram Stories. “I don’t remember the last time I got three straight hours of sleep. I usually just get two. Gosh, the day I get three straight is going to feel amazing. Five hours is going to feel like a week! But it’s all worth it, huh ‘Teo?”


The former wrestler also noted she hasn’t been doing herself any favors when it comes to her sleep schedule — especially amid fiancé Artem Chigvintsev‘s demanding rehearsal and shooting schedule on Dancing With the Stars. “I should be going to bed when Matteo goes to sleep but I get excited to hang out with Artem and I just, yeah,” she added. “This mama does not sleep and it’s been catching up to me pretty bad the past few weeks. Ugh, and it makes it so hard to lose weight! The pounds now feel like it’s point six, point five.”

The first-time mother revealed her postpartum weight loss goals on September 7, five weeks after giving birth to baby Matteo. The athlete explained she planned to lose 18 pounds in order to hit her pre-baby weight, but that she would do it in the “healthiest way possible” so she could continue breast-feeding her baby.

“Giving my son the most amazing nutrition is No. 1,” she said on Instagram at the time. “So, there’s going to be no crash diets. There’s going to be no starving myself. It’s going to be bringing workouts back in and healthy nutrition, which I have been doing. Of course, I cheat here and there, the normal.”

On October 7, the San Diego native revealed she had backslid on her diet. “I was 12 [pounds] away from baby weight about four or five days ago and I was really proud,” Nikki told her sibling and cohost, Brie Bella, on an episode of “The Bellas Podcast”. “And then I’ve had some fun — I wouldn’t even say it was fun — exhausted and overwhelmed. So I did some Postmating instead of cooking. Now I’m 15 [pounds] away from post-baby which is fine.”

“I did cardio today. I told myself like, you gotta start working out now,” Nikki added. “So today I’ve started and I’m just gonna try to fit it in. I just did 20 minutes today, and look, 20 minutes can be a game-changer.”

Her most recent update was on November 3, when she informed fans she was “down another pound” to 152.6 pounds.