Va, va, voom! Olivia Culpo took to Instagram to put her toned abs and ample cleavage on full display in a sexy new mirror selfie. “GUMMORNINGGGGGGG,” the stunning model, 26, captioned the snapshot on Wednesday, May 1.

Unsurprisingly, her followers were pretty much obsessed with her steamy bathrobe moment. “Holy gorgeous!” one fan commented. “I don’t want to look at another human ever again,” added another. “Perfect makeup,” someone else chimed in.

Not going to lie, y’all, we pretty much agree with all of the sentiments above. The question is, how the heck does Olivia maintain her killer figure? After all, if you peep her social media accounts, the brunette beauty is routinely sipping on wine and eating pasta.

Turns out, a little bit of indulgence is exactly what her diet plan consists of! “To be honest with you, on a day-to-day basis, I like to stick by the 80/20 rule which would be 80 percent of the time I’m good, 20 percent I indulge,” she explained in a YouTube video posted on April 10.

“I really try to eat in moderation and I don’t like to deprive myself,” she continued. “So, if I want to have ice cream, I will have ice cream. I won’t have a whole sundae and I won’t eat until the point I feel sick. I’ll eat to the point that I feel happy.”

Dang … talk about some serious self-control, huh? Is there anything Olivia can’t do?! As it happens, no, she’s pretty much an all-around talent. Don’t believe us? She recently proved on Instagram that she’s an incredible cellist. That’s right, y’all, Olivia Culpo is a string instrument master.

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As much as we love fawning over her enviable curves, we stan a woman who excels in all areas of life. Keep killing it, Olivia. P.S. Do you know how to play any Jonas Brothers on your cello? Just kidding, mostly.