Paris Hilton‘s attempt to change her baby son Phoenix’s diaper for the first time didn’t go so well, as the heiress was frightened by the experience which left her on the verge of getting sick.

The new mom, 42, tried to give it a go one month after Phoenix’s January 16 birth, as it was documented and shown on the season 2 premiere of her Peacock series, Paris in Love.

“I wouldn’t do this on my birthday, but I will for you,” the entrepreneur told her son in the scene shot on February 17, when she turned 42. She was assisted in her diaper changing attempt by the baby’s nanny Jean and sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild.

Mother of three Nicky, 40, asked in surprise, “You’ve never done it?” about changing a baby’s diaper to which her sister replied, “No.” It was up to the seemingly more hands-on mom to help out, with Nicky showing Paris how to handle a disposable diaper.

Paris began gagging at the smell of the dirty diaper as she removed it from Phoenix and declared, “I’m scared.” Nicky advised, “Be gentle, gentle. Get in the little crevices,” as to how to clean the baby before putting on the new diaper.

Nanny Jean gave a helpful piece of advice, telling Paris, “When you do that, you have to talk to him,” about diaper changing, to which The Simple Life alum said “Hi” to her little one as she attempted the put on the diaper. Later Nicky told her sister, “That was half you doing it by yourself,” since she had so much assistance.

It’s unclear if Paris has tried changing a diaper since that seemingly miserable experience, but she now has another infant in need after revealing on November 23 that she and husband Carter Reum welcomed a daughter, London. Like Phoenix, the couple used a surrogate to carry and give birth to London.

While Paris has yet to show fans a photo of her daughter, she paid tribute to her little girl in a series of Instagram photos two days after her birth announcement, sitting in front of a series of pink Christmas trees while holding Phoenix. “Celebrating our baby girl London with a pink Christmas,” she wrote in the caption.

The second season of Paris in Love will show more than just her life as a mom, as her own mother, Kathy Hilton, will be prominently featured.

In a Monday, December 4, Instagram post showing photos of scenes from the series, Paris wrote, “This season of Paris in Love has been more than just a journey; it’s been a healing experience with my mom, @KathyHilton. Together, we’ve navigated through past traumas, growing closer and stronger. My mom is truly one-of-a-kind — her heart is pure gold, her beauty radiates from within, and her sense of humor is simply infectious. I’m beyond blessed to call her my mom. Love you to the moon and back.”