Princess Kate Middleton revealed her cancer diagnosis in a video announcement on ​March 22, and her brother-in-law Prince Harry reportedly learned about her condition along with the rest of the world.

“It is understood that Kate’s cancer diagnosis was not shared in advance with Harry and Meghan [Markle],” The Times of London revealed on March 23 per Us Weekly. “Several sources confirm that there were no such conversations and it is thought Harry found out about Kate’s diagnosis from television, at the same time as the public.”

However, Kensington Palace opted not to comment on the matter.

Statements from royal family members came in quick succession after Kate’s announcement, including a message from Prince Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42.

“We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace,” the couple’s statement to Us Weekly read.

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stay abreast of almost all of the news coming out of England, it was reported that the couple was kept in the dark ​about Kate’s health.

“They are aware of everything that goes on back in England, but are being left out of any details regarding Kate,” the source revealed to People on March 20. “There is clearly no trust.”

Several people believe that Harry’s memoir, Spare, and his and Meghan’s Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, resulted in a lack of trust between him and the rest of his family.

Prince Harry Learned About Kate Middleton's Cancer on TV
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“It would be the normal run of things to go and see your sister-in-law who’s had a serious operation and also see your niece and nephews. But it isn’t normal. It’s terribly sad,” an insider previously told the publication.

However, there has also been speculation that Harry hasn’t reached out to check on Kate, 42, amid her health concerns.

“My understanding is he hasn’t, and it is a stalemate,” royal expert Christopher Andersen told Us Weekly in an interview published on March 6. “They’re both on opposite sides of this wall and nobody has the courage to leap over it and really make an honest attempt.”

“I think there was once a relationship, a friendship, a very close one between Harry and Kate,” Christopher added. “I’m sure he’s concerned about her as well, but I know that she wants to have nothing to do with them.”

The royal expert also noted that, much like King Charles III and Prince William, Kate “feels betrayed” by Harry and Meghan’s choice to step down from their royal duties and their decision to move to America.