Still under fire? Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider is shutting down continued claims that her husband, Evan Goldschneider, cheated on her.

After a Twitter post claiming that the “cheating rumor is true” went viral, the Bravo star spoke out. “But not just that. Jackie was Evan’s 2nd choice. Evan was dating HER SISTER first. It’s starting to make sense,” the Twitter post alleged, referring to Jackie’s estranged sister.

“While that sounds like a great story, it is sadly not true,” Jackie hit back in an Instagram Stories video from April 1. “If it were true, you would’ve known about it already because I’m completely open about my life, and because I don’t really think it’s that embarrassing of a story.”

Jackie went on to explain that her sister has been “happily married since 1998,” noting that she “met Evan in 2003.” The reality star added, “If she dated him in the ’90s before I met him in 2003, I actually think that that would’ve been a pretty interesting story. I’m also sure that there would’ve been some pictures or something, so I couldn’t even deny it, but sadly, it is not true.”

Keep reading for more details about Jackie and Evan’s marriage, cheating rumors and more. 

How Long Have Jackie and Evan Goldschneider Been Married?

The pair officially tied the knot in 2006. They’ve since welcomed four kids together — two sets of twins — Jonas and Adin, and Alexis and Hudson.

Jackie Goldschneider and Evan Goldschneider
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Did Evan Goldschneider Cheat on Jackie?

Cheating rumors started swirling during the RHONJ season 11 premiere when Teresa Giudice had claimed to hear that Evan had been cheating on Jackie with someone at the gym, which they both denied.

“[Teresa] doesn’t even know who told her [the rumor]. I don’t even think anybody told her. I think she pulled it out of her ass,” Jackie told Us Weekly about the reality TV drama in February 2021. “I was really caught off-guard. I expect the best from people. I really thought that she was gonna make it right. And then we’d all go to Lake George the next day. And that is not the way it happened. And it really caught me off-guard.”

That being said, Jackie never doubted her husband’s loyalty.

“It was a big learning curve,” Jackie told Us Weekly in a separate interview from January 2022. “I think we always innately trusted each other. That was never a question for me. I never said, ‘Well, did he do this?’”

She added, “I felt bad that I put him in that position, that he was even being questioned. We had to learn to let go of a lot of blaming ourselves. We just realized how strong we are, and that it would take a lot more than this — even in front of the whole world — to pull us apart.”