It’s no secret that the ladies of the Real Housewives franchise are totally fit and hot — the secret is, of course, how they make it happen. When Real Housewives of New York cast member Sonja Morgan sat down with Life & Style exclusively at a CoolSculpting event at the Four Seasons in NYC, she gave us a little insight on how she stays fit and firm while pursuing her wellness at age 55.

“Well, the thing about me is, I always worry about over here where my swimsuit cuts in, it’s called the flank area — I didn’t know before — it kind of hangs out over my low cut jeans. So I had been hearing years and years about this CoolSculpting and all my friends were getting it, men and women, but I’m kind of a ‘wait and watch’ person. I don’t want to try anything until I know it works and that it lasts. And then finally I said, ‘OK, I’m going in.’ And I had this area treated — and it worked and I loved it.”

RHONY Sonja Morgan
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The CoolSculpting procedure is quick — “It’s 35 minutes and you’re in and out!” — plus, it’s non-invasive and FDA cleared, so you know it’s super legit and an easy way to tone things up in a flash.

That being said, the RHONY girl also keeps in mind all the other things that keep her fit. “Ya know, I eat well, I get all my sleep that I need — well, sometimes, if I go on a trip with the ladies I don’t get so much sleep and I drink a little too much, but that’s OK, too — everything in moderation,” she dished. “And I work out, so I said, ‘I deserve this’. Next, I want to get under the chin, maybe back of the arms. But again, just little small areas. Very targeted.”