We all know the Real Housewives of New York are stronger than most when it comes to adapting — hey, isn’t that what living in NYC is all about? When cast member Sonja Morgan sat down with Life & Style exclusively at a CoolSculpting event at the Four Seasons in NYC, she gave us a little insight on what to expect from her and her storyline this season on RHONY and how she’s been adjusting to some big changes.

“Everybody always wants to know about my love life, but the thing is, this season is mostly about getting my daughter off to college, moving out of the townhouse,” the 55-year-old revealed to Life & Style. “I’m renting it out, moving into my little petite piet de terre, I Iike to say. I have a wood burning fireplace, so I keep that stoked, and my balcony and painting the colors — I did the pink, to Ramona’s chagrin, and blue and green — it’s just a little gem for me and it’s so much lighter and it gives me more time for my creativity to flow into my fashion collection.”

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Any self-respecting RHONY fan knows how much Sonja’s townhouse — and both the family and cultural history it represents — means to the eccentric blonde.

“Having moved out of the townhouse, some things [in the trailer] had hit me that were like ‘Don’t touch the letters! Don’t touch the letters!’ Because we went to a museum that was an old Morgan home and it hit me that there’s so much to preserve, but it’s not my responsibility — not everything falls on me,” she explained the little outburst we saw in the season 11 trailer.

“Yes, I’ve had several Morgan homes that I cared for and books and artifacts and paintings and some of that will go to my daughter through my own home that I have and that’s just the way it is. And my job as a philanthropist and on the board of a museum charity is to raise money to help salvage and preserve these things,” she continued. “But it’s not … my life is like this, it’s a speck, I need to live my life and not worry so much. But you know, drinking, and moving out of my house and into the small apartment, I think it just brought it all out, it intensified it.”

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Though it’s a welcomed change, it’s still a lot for Miss Morgan to process. “It’s really rattling for me to be leaving the house and control over certain things,” she said. “Because my daughter was born in that house, and though it’s not a Morgan estate, it kind of is. I still own it, and will own it, and pass it on to her.”

Luckily, she’s got some good pals in her Real Housewives costars to get her through the rougher moments of the season. “I think I’ve come really far, and thanks to my friends for being there to point it out and be, like, in my grill at times,” she revealed. “I had some very tense moments with Bethenny where she was really truthful with me, which is what a good friend does. And then I’ve had Ramona and Luann there to hold my hand through a lot.”