We all know the Real Housewives of New York are no strangers to drama. So when costars Countess Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley started going head-to-head yet again this season, we knew we were in for some blow-ups and blow-outs. When cast member Sonja Morgan sat down with Life & Style exclusively at a Coolsculpting event at the Four Seasons in NYC, she gave us her thoughts on the drama between two of our favorite RHONY ladies.

“Well, I feel like we need to protect Luann as she is in recovery and that means she’s fragile, and she’s been courageous to take that step and that means we have to be there to support,” the 55-year-old explained where her loyalties lie. “I didn’t have the nerve to be like ‘Hey we always have a great time, Luann’ to ‘you need to stop drinking’ so I kind of pointed it out to Bethenny and she wasn’t as close to Luann as I was and she took the reigns and made it happen with her girlfriends, and I really respect all of them for doing that.”

It’s clear costar Bethenny Frankel is also a huge source of support for all the ladies, not just Luann, and we know she felt the love this season when she was the one in need of the support of her costars.

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“So yeah, then we have the loss of Dennis [Shields], and being there for Bethenny for that. Especially with the fact that her daughter really adored him and at that age it’s so important to have a stable man around. We’ve all been there for each other,” she revealed of the closeness of the Housewives in the midst of the passing of Bethenny’s ex. “So to be in the middle of that is hard when you have Ramona making wisecracks and Dorinda’s still upset obviously from the season before at the cabaret.”

If you’re a fan of the show, you might remember the blow-out between Lu and Dorinda at the cabaret at the end of last season — according to Sonja, the ladies never quite patched things up after that, which is where the current drama is stemming from.

“We left off with the two screaming at each other,” Sonja explained about where the ladies started off season 11. “I didn’t realize the whole summer went by and they didn’t talk to each other. I find that hard to believe because I let everything go, I know it’s more about what the person’s going through so when Dorinda said all these things to me, I was like ‘this isn’t about me, this is about Dorinda.'”