When it comes to the Real Housewives, there's always plenty of drama to go around and tea to spill — but every now and then, there's a good laugh, too. That's why when we had Robyn Dixon come in to visit, we immediately got her to start giving us that good goss on her castmates from The Real Housewives of Potomac. And our girl was good to us. She immediately started dishing on what people are like behind the scenes, played a little marry/kill/shag, gave us an inside look at how she really feels about ex-husband Juan Dixon, and even prank called him. Want to watch the whole hilarious thing? Check out the video above and be prepared for plenty of laughs.

What is the deal with Robyn and Juan Dixon, though?

If you have trouble occasionally remembering where exactly they stand, like we do, let's clear the air a little. The two tied the knot back in 2005, had two kids, then divorced in 2012. But, oh yeah, they still live together. Though Robyn and Juan aren't still romantically entangled, they do still share their lives with each other — and with Bravo on a reality TV show — as they co-parent their children, Corey and Carter. And they've been through a lot. Not just getting married, having kids, and breaking up, but also bankruptcy and launching new careers. While Juan is the head basketball coach at Coppin State University in Baltimore (and a retired NBA player to boot — the one-time couple met while both were playing college ball), Robyn's started her own journey as a publicist and event manager.

But, despite living together and raising their kids together, the two don't always see eye to eye on everything. It recently came out that Juan had an off-camera conversation with one of the Housewives producers about his relationship with Robyn, something the star opened up about to Bravo.

"We have had many private conversations about the state of our relationship and what we each desire," Robyn shared. "And what I have been saying the entire season — that Juan would like to get married again, have more kids, be in a relationship — is pretty much the same thing he said… The fact that I am always focused on business and don’t share the same desires for a relationship that Juan does definitely sometimes leads to tense moments between the two of us." Hey, at least they still find times they can laugh together — like during a good practical joke.