Celebrity attendees may stick by a strict diet in the months leading up to the Met Gala, but inside sources exclusively tell Life & Style that they are fueling up with food on the big day!

“I was eating lunch at The Mark today — of all days — and the kitchen was backed up an hour and a half because of so many room service orders!” a source dishes to Life & Style. “They were comping people left and right because they had to make the food for the stars … first!”

The Mark Hotel has been the go-to place for stars and their teams to get ready for the Met Gala since 2009. Etienne Haro, general manager of The Mark, revealed that there were an estimated 60 celebrity guests who booked a room for the 2024 Met Gala.

“Room Service runs on a tight flow,” Etienne told People ahead of the big day, before revealing the “most ordered” food item. “We serve an average of three cups [of coffee] per minute throughout the day!”

In 2019, the stars shared their pre-Met meals via Instagram Stories, which ranged from boozy drinks to healthy snacks.

While model Winnie Harlow kept it light with ​bacon, oatmeal and fresh berries, Gigi Hadid slurped on ramen.

“Every year before the Met my lunch is @Ivanramenslurpshop while in hair and makeup,” Gigi, 29, wrote via Instagram at the time.

Hollywood’s biggest fashionistas celebrated the 2024 Met Gala and represented the theme, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” Anna Wintour was accompanied alongside Bad Bunny, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya as cochairs of the evening.

J. Lo, 54, unsurprisingly looked flawless when she walked her way up the Big Apple steps as she wore a crystalized sheer Daniel Roseberry-designed gown. The gown featured a plunging neckline with high sides that stood stiff like frozen branches. J. Lo paired the breathtaking dress with an icy Tiffany’s bird necklace that flashed on around her neck as her hair was wrapped in a messy bun.

Celebrity favorite skincare expert Cynthia Rivas, exclusively shared Met Gala skincare secrets with Life & Style before the big night.

“If a celebrity has a specific skin concern, we might start addressing it weeks before. But for some busy A-Listers, prep starts 2-3 days before, or even day of!” Cynthia said on May 5. “Avoiding salty food a few days before is really important to reduce puffiness. Glowy, sculpted faces are my focus for big events! Think high cheekbones and smooth bouncy skin.”