For four seasons, we watched as Ruby Gettinger worked with nutritionists, doctors, and trainers to lose weight on her hit Style series Ruby. In 2008, the redhead started the show at 550 pounds, and ended up dropping more than 220 pounds.

Nearly seven years after the final episode aired, we caught up with Ruby to find out what life is like for her now, and whether she’s still looking to lose weight. “I am happy to report that I am back on track!” Ruby tells Life & Style in an exclusive interview. “With that being said, my weight loss journey will always be a thorn in my side. I will always have to battle with my weight, but the more I battle and do not give up, the stronger I become.”

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Before and After and still a lot more to go… That moment when you see an old picture and realize how far you have come. Wowey!!! GASP!!! Yes it's a battle and I've had a few big and small setbacks. I am not where I want to be YET But I am not where I was. I am closer to where I want to be. I can't believe I am saying this but thank you Lord for the battle because if it was easy I would have never known how to start over. During it all I am wiser, I know who my true fins are and love who I am!!! Never give up on you or anyone else. We all go through things great, good and bad. Do not judge anyone you don't know AND Don't judge and condemn anyone for the same things you do. Please remember if you have setbacks do not give up start over!!! I love and believe in you all my fins!!! ❌❤️❌❤️, @rubygettinger #RubyGettinger #xoxoRuby #RubysHackyLifepodcast #TrustGod #BeFree #RubyGettingercom #RubysHackyLifePodcast #BeautifulTruth @entertainmenttonight @dreamcenteratl #focus #justbreathe #FaithinGod #faith #godisgood #Godcares #godgirl #trustingod #GodLovesyou #trustgodstiming #RubyRetreat #godsnotdead #jesuslovesyou #Godisgreat #Dontgiveup @klgandhoda @people @fitnessmagazine @usweekly @aetv @bigtexentertainment @entertainmentweekly #Rubytransformation #Rubysbeautifultruth #RIGbeautifullife

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The Georgia native even started hosting Ruby Retreats, which are “for anyone who is ready to renew your mind, encourage your soul, and move your body,” she writes on her website. “At my first retreat, I was ashamed and nervous to show up because I had gained over 150 pounds since the end of my show,” Ruby admits. “Why would anyone want to follow or listen to me? To my surprise, they did.”

Since then, Ruby has lost over 130 pounds and is close to being at her lowest weight again. “I’ve been eating a clean, healthy diet made up of greens, lean proteins, and healthy carbs,” she shares. “My goal weight is no longer a number for me, it is about becoming healthy and able to live my life with no restrictions.”

As for her dating life, Ruby confesses it’s been a struggle. “In my imagination, I’ve dated Josh Holloway and Garrett Hedlund,” she teases before adding, “I’ve had no serious relationships to speak of. I had one that was getting close, but the weight was still an issue. Even now I hear, ‘If you lose weight you would be the perfect girl. I love everything about you, but the weight issue is still a problem.’ I guess I’ve learned something because I kicked his ‘astronaut’ to the curb, and I’m like, ‘Hello…I AM the PERFECT girl!!!'”

For those hoping to see Ruby on TV again, you may be in luck! The outgoing life coach reveals she’s working with a new production company. “We are working towards a new show,” she tells Life & Style. “I’ve had so many fans asking me to do another show. Many have [signed] petitions on social media! They started a group called, ‘We want the Ruby show back,’ and over a hundred thousand signed up. Crazy!!”

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