Fitness pro Sam Asghari stood by his estranged wife, Britney Spears, for years, even before her “traumatizing” conservatorship was terminated in November 2021. The conservatorship arrangement, initially instated by Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, has fundamentally reshaped the pop star’s finances, but how much money does the singer’s estranged husband have?

What Is Sam Asghari’s Net Worth?

The athlete is estimated to be worth an estimated $5 million, according to multiple reports. Despite his high-profile relationship with the “Baby One More Time” singer, Sam has earned the bulk of his money on his own.


Sam Is a Successful Personal Trainer

The Iranian native is the owner and founder of Asghari Fitness, a members-only fitness program that provides clients with personalized diet and workout plans. All of the client content is curated personally by Sam, who clearly puts a lot of effort into building effective routines.

The workout guru’s official Instagram page for his business has almost 27,000 followers, so it appears he has quite a few clients in the mix. His plan costs $9 per week, which comes out to $468 per year. The pricing is fairly affordable, but depending on how large his client base is, his yearly revenue could be incredibly high.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

Sam Is a Professional Actor and Dancer

The personal trainer has appeared in the music video for Fifth Harmony’s song “Work From Home” and Britney’s “Slumber Party” visual, which is how the pair met in October 2016.

“I found his number in my bag. I was like, ‘He is really cute. This guy is really cute,’” Britney previously revealed of how Sam made the first move during a January 2017 radio interview. “So then I called him.”

As an actor, Sam has appeared in TV drama NCIS and sci-fi comedy Unbelievable!!!!!, in which he played opposite Snoop Dogg. In 2021, he guest-starred on HBO’s Hacks and Showtime’s Black Monday.

Sam Has a Social Media Following

On a personal level, Sam boasts more than 3 million followers on Instagram, which allows him to pursue various partnerships with brands in exchange for social media posts. Those deals can be incredibly lucrative, so it wouldn’t be a stretch if some of the dancer’s assets came as a result of his online influence.

Do Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Have a Prenup?

After getting engaged in September 2021, reports surfaced that the couple’s lawyers were drafting up a prenuptial agreement ahead of their June 2022 wedding. Fans, along with fellow celebs like Octavia Spencer, were concerned for Britney’s hefty $70 million bank account. According to Sam, however, a prenup was always in the plans.

“Thank you everyone who is concerned about The prenup! Of course we’re getting iron clad prenup to protect my Jeep and shoe collection incase she dumps me one day,” he joked via Instagram at the time.