While the stars of Dance Moms didn't always have the best relationship with their teacher, Abby Lee Miller, one student who has nothing but nice things to say about her is Sarah Hunt. In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the former Lifetime star opened up about keeping in touch with Abby while she serves her prison sentence — and it sounds like she's still VERY active in her dancers' lives.

"We definitely keep in touch via email. Every couple of weeks we write back and forth and it is my favorite thing to hear from her again and again. I swear, the first email she wrote my family and I was this super long message — telling me what she wants me to work on, and focus on, and do while she is gone," she explained. "Miss Abby even sketched my solo costume while in jail on a sketch pad, with all of the details boldly stated, and had Miss Gianna forward it to me and my mom to have made."

Abby was sentenced to 366 days behind bars for bankruptcy fraud, and not reporting the $120,000 worth of Australian currency she brought back with her to the US. Not having her teacher around has been tough on Sarah, however they've gotten even closer thanks to communicating while Abby is behind bars. "It has honestly been one of the hardest things that I have indirectly gone through, because I just care for her so much and wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy," she shared.

"She really has taken the fall for many of the cast members and most of them have turned their backs on her — which is the saddest thing ever. If it wasn’t for Miss Abby, none of my success and their success would be possible," the young dancer continued. "I just feel like we ALL make mistakes and we are honestly all sinners, so she has had to carry that burden for everyone, even though it is not all her fault."

Prison has certainly been no picnic for Abby. A source previously told Life & Style, "She has these fits of hysterical crying. A very good friend of mine described it as 'bats–t crazy crying.' She’s been cleaning the bathrooms, toilets, and showers. The staff shine flashlights in her face and make comments, and the inmates want to see her taken down a peg." However, it was reported earlier this week that she is going to be finishing her sentence in a halfway house.

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