It’s been five years since Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian decided to mess with the ever-gullible Kris Jenner by pulling off what is now known as the Todd Kraines prank. As any die-hard KUWTK fan will tell you, the Todd Kraines prank will forever be the most hilarious storyline to happen in the history of the series. Point blank. 

Sure, things definitely got out of hand with Scott calling Kris over a six month period and sending flowers to her house as Todd, but nevertheless, it was pure gold. Because of that, it’s no surprise that fans absolutely freaked out when Kim Kardashian revealed on Aug. 27 that she was eating dinner with Todd Kraines’ parents. 


Sadly, beyond just the quick snapshot that Kim posted, we have no context for the dinner. Ugh. Also, it’s safe to say that Todd himself wasn’t in attendance. Obviously, Kimmie would have made it a point to share that! However, we did do a little digging and it seems that the infamous Mr. Kraines is doing just fine these days. 

He’s a high-powered real estate agent in Beverly Hills and he’s absolutely killing it. He sells stunning multi-million dollar homes in So Cal and he’s damn good at it too judging by his Pacific Union bio. “Born and raised in Beverly Hills, Todd Kraines is truly an expert in the area and surroundings,” it says. “His keen knowledge of the Los Angeles luxury markets has been a great asset for his ever-growing network of clients, for whom he is known to find the most choice on or off-market properties.” Very cool!

On a personal level, it appears that Todd is single and loving life since he posted about his dog on Valentine’s Day and no one else. He spends a lot of time with his adorable nieces and nephews, takes amazing vacations with friends, and still loves going skiing in Vail, CO. 

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found the cutest snow bunny 🐰

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Reflecting on the prank in 2017, Todd said that it was “a lot of fun,” but at the time, he wasn’t vibing on it. “It’s funny for other people, but for me, it really wasn’t that funny,” he told Bustle. “It wasn’t. It was just like, is this for real? Is this really happening? People like this?” 

But the main issue was that Scott didn’t tell Todd he was doing it. “When it was going on, I had no idea, and the fact that Kris was calling me, ‘Is this you? Are you doing this?’ I’m like, what are you talking about? I got kind of nervous because it kept going on for six months. I was like, do we need to call the feds? What guy is using my name?” At the time Scott and Todd didn’t even know each other, which makes it extra crazy. At least he was a good sport about it!