Supporting her man. Shailene Woodley “stands by” her fiancé, Aaron Rodgers, amid his COVID-19 vaccine drama, a source exclusively tells Life & Style, “and that’s that.”

“Shailene is keeping a low profile on the Aaron scandal because she doesn’t want to make matters worse,” the insider reveals about the Divergent actress, 29. “She understands alternative health choices and of course she’s shared that with Aaron but the last thing she wants, in this divided climate about the COVID vaccine, is to get embroiled in a political debate.”

The source adds, “Shailene is being dragged on social media, some are blaming her for Aaron’s actions, and she’s not going to get in the gutter with hateful, uninformed internet trolls.”

On Friday, November 5, the couple made headlines after the Green Bay Packers quarterback claimed he “didn’t lie” about his COVID-19 vaccination status after he tested positive for coronavirus earlier this month.

“The league was fully aware of it upon my return to the Packers,” Rodgers, 37, said during the November 6 episode of “The Pat McAfee Show” podcast. “It wasn’t some sort of ruse or lie, it was the truth. Had there been a follow-up to my statement that I’d been immunized, I would have responded with this: I would have said, ‘Look, I’m not some sort of anti-vax-flat-Earther. I’m somebody who’s a critical thinker.’ I march to the beat of my own drum. I believe strongly in bodily autonomy, [in the] ability to make choices for your body, not to have to acquiesce to some woke culture or crazed group of individuals who say you have to do something.”

Later in the interview, the NFL star explained that his reason for not getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus was because he is allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine and because he was worried that the vaccine would cause infertility. Infertility in both men and women is not a known side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the CDC.

Following Rodgers’ comments, many took to social media to assume that Woodley had an influence on his decision to not get vaccinated.  However, other social media users were quick to point out the apparent misogyny of blaming the Big Little Lies star for Rodgers’ own health decisions.