Shanna Moakler revealed how becoming a mother negatively changed her sex life, which led her to address her “inverted nipple” with plastic surgery.

“I noticed after I had my second pregnancy. Everything was different before I had [son] Landon — that kind of changed things,” Shanna, 48, ​confessed in an interview published on Wednesday, August 2. “That’s kind of poignant because I don’t think a lot of women know or realize there are a lot of options that they can do for it. But for me, it’s something I always wanted to do, it’s not something you’re really dealing with from day-to-day.”

Shanna said she finally decided to address the issue with plastic surgery. “It’s a band-aid procedure, but it definitely affected my self-esteem, and [is] definitely something that I was insecure about,” she explained. “Especially when you’re intimate with your boyfriend.”

She added, “So I was always insecure about it, and wanted to do something because it’s in your face all the time.”

The Rhode Island native “put her trust” into Dr. Justin Perez to perform the procedure 19 years after first noticing her changed nipple. “I’m really thrilled that I got to work with Dr. Perez for the sheer fact he was so open and honest about the entire procedure,” she said. “One of the reasons why I went to him is because he does a more modern technique so when they [breast] still want to breast-feed they can still absolutely do that.”

Shanna welcomed her first child, daughter Atiana, in 1999 with her then-fiancé, Oscar De La Hoya. After they split in 2000, she married Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker in 2004. The pair welcomed their first child, Landon, in 2003, followed by their daughter, Alabama, in 2005. The former Miss USA and musician, 47, later divorced in 2008.

Also during the interview, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant admitted that “getting older is not easy.”

“I think as I age — and go into my 50s and 60s — I probably will do small things to maintain, but right now I’m very comfortable with the procedures that I have done and where I’m at,” Shanna said. “It sounds cliché, but I believe age is just a number that’s part of me. At my age now … I actually think I look more beautiful than when I was in my 20s, but everyone deals with that kind of differently.”

NSFW! Shanna Moakler Reveals How Becoming a Mom Changed Her Sex Life Amid New Plastic Surgery

Shanna’s candid confession is not the first time she’s discussed her decision to go under the knife. She underwnt an epic makeover in October 2018, which included a butt augmentation and tummy tuck.

“6 months post op from my #mommymakeover with @leifrogersmd [and] I am so thankful and so happy with my results,” Shanna wrote via Instagram alongside a photo of her in a bikini in April 2019. “This wasn’t for weight loss! It was to fix my tummy muscles! I finally feel confident in a bikini again. It was a long healing process but I’m really glad I did it! Thanks to all the other moms who sent me encouraging messages!”