It’s complicated: Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris are happily dating, but the One Tree Hill star, 41, and former soccer player, 38, are facing blowback. “A lot of folks find their timing pretty suspect,” says a source. After all, Sophia and Ashlyn were seen flirting in June and July at events in Cannes and L.A., but neither filed for divorce from their respective spouses, Grant Hughes and Ali Krieger, until August.

Now the source says fellow soccer star Ali assumes something happened between the duo while they were still committed to their exes. “In fairness, there’s no actual evidence that Sophia and Ashlyn were hooking up during those cozy appearances, but Ali thinks the body language spoke volumes,” says the insider. “Grant’s feeling pretty hurt and resentful too.” Not that Sophia and Ashlyn are letting the whispers slow them down. Says the insider, “They’re just happy and grateful to have found each other.”