Her split from second husband Grant Hughes came as a shock to fans. Just 13 months after Sophia Bush tied the knot with the business entrepreneur — who had been her friend for 10 years prior to things turning romantic — she filed for divorce on August 4. That same day, the One Tree Hill star, 41, removed all pictures of Grant, also 41, from her Instagram account and took his last name off her bio.

But Sophia didn’t stay single for very long. In October, news broke that she’s dating former U.S. women’s soccer star Ashlyn Harris! The two had previously been spotted at a World Cup watch party in July, as well as at a Fashion Week event and a comedy show in NYC this September. “They apparently met at the Cannes Lions Festival in France in June, and sparks flew,” an insider says. “Both Sophia and Ashlyn insist they were just pals at first, but by all accounts it was instant chemistry. They have a lot in common.”

Indeed, Ashlyn, 35, filed for divorce from her own spouse, former teammate Ali Krieger, in September following four years of marriage and two kids. “Ashlyn and Sophia are both starting over,” says the insider. “They bonded over their breakups — which is both bittersweet and exciting.”

Broken Families

The fact that Sophia and Ashlyn began hanging out before either officially filed for divorce has raised some eyebrows, says the insider: “There’s a lot of talk that they hooked up before leaving their partners.”

Grant Hughes and Sophia Bush
Jerod Harris/FilmMagic

Still, Grant has no ill will toward his ex-wife. He and Sophia ended on good terms, according to the insider, unlike her first, disastrous marriage to OTH co-star Chad Michael Murray in 2005 — which lasted only five months and resulted in her asking for an annulment on the basis of “fraud.”

“Grant will always want the best for Sophia,” his spokesperson exclusively told Life & Style in an October 19 statement, “and is supportive of all that makes her happy and fulfilled.”

For Ali, 39, and Ashlyn, things appear a bit more complicated as they’re co-parenting daughter Sloane, 2, and son Ocean, 15 months. “It’s debatable how Ali feels about her ex dating Sophia,” says the insider. “She wants Ashlyn to be careful about introducing anyone new to the kids, so it’s unlikely Sophia’s met them yet.”

If things keep going the way they are now, though, that could change very soon. “Sophia seems really happy,” notes the insider. “It’s all very new, but friends on both sides think this romance could go the distance.”