In 2011, the world was introduced to tutu-wearing cousins Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland on The Ellen DeGeneres Show— and they quickly became viral sensations for their Nicki Minaj rapping skills. Today, the duo is wishing the talk show host a happy birthday, and we feel old AF.

Ignoring the fact that Ellen DeGeneres is 60 years old — because she clearly found the fountain of youth — Sophia Grace and Rosie are officially pre-teens (when did this happen?) and they recalled their favorite memories from the show. “My favorite memory was when I got slimed and I loved it,” Rosie, 11, said. Sophia Grace, 14, also shared her fondest moment with the comedienne, adding, “My top, best, funniest memory from the show was when we got those wigs from Ellen. It was hilarious.”

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I didn’t think I was getting old until I saw @therealsophiagrace & @rosiergm now.

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The girls went on to sing their now-iconic rendition of “Super Bass” before adding in unison, “We hope you have a lovely day and we hope to see you soon. We love you Ellen.” We weren’t the only ones in denial about Sophia Grace and Rosie’s age. “I didn’t think I was getting old until I saw @therealsophiagrace & @rosiergm now,” Ellen captioned the sweet video. Fans also shared their surprise at how fast time has gone by. “o m g they have gotten big,” one follower wrote before another commented, “I don’t even believe this! They’ve turned into pretty young ladies! So crazy!!”

So, what have Sophia Grace and Rosie, who were eight and five respectively when they first appeared on the show, been up to since their Ellen debut? Sophia released her single “Why U Mad” last year, and it currently has over four million views on YouTube. “You can see I’ve changed a lot, I’m older, my outfit it cooler and I’m not in a dress anymore,” the British beauty told The Daily Mail. “People will see me changing, there was no pressure to grow up — I was the one who didn’t want to wear tutus anymore. I was sick of it, it was embarrassing and none of my friends were wearing them.” Rosie is still her cousin’s biggest fan — and has nearly half a million followers on Instagram. BRB, going to apply eye cream.