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Tana Mongeau’s Best Halloween Costumes Over the Years: Kylie Jenner, David Dobrik and More!

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, Tana Mongeau doesn’t mess around!

The longtime YouTuber is known for stepping out on the spookiest day of the year in clever, hilarious and somewhat (OK, more than somewhat) scandalous Halloween costumes. In fact, sometimes the former reality TV star combines all three! Ahem, who remembers sexy David Dobrik

Ahead of Halloween 2019, Tana took to Twitter to poll her fans on what she should dress up as. “What slutty Halloween costumes [are you trying] to see this year?” the Las Vegas native wrote at the time. Naturally, her fans had some pretty, er, interesting suggestions.

Here are a few of our favorites: “Slutty Juul,” “a slutty bride,” “slutty Peppa Pig” and perhaps the most on-brand of all, “slutty Jake Paul.” 

Ultimately, even when the OnlyFans creator isn’t celebrating Halloween, her mission is to dance to the beat of her own drum … no matter what anyone has to say about it! I have a young following and it’s definitely primarily female,” Tana previously explained to Life & Style

I always want to empower those young girls to do whatever they want with their bodies and to make their decisions and not let anyone take that away from them, especially men,” the popular influencer added. 

Nowadays, it looks like Tana is more focused on her career than ever! As for her love life? “I think I’m definitely at a point in my life where if the connection isn’t worth giving up so much of my time and my energy and stuff like that, it’s probably not something I’m going to want to explore,” the former MTV reality star said. 

Romantic relationships aside, Tana always makes it a point to be transparent with her followers — especially when it comes to plastic surgery and photo editing. In fact, after dressing up as Paris Hilton one year for Halloween, she faced major backlash after being accused of using Photoshop.

“I like both versions. LMFAO. People always try to clock me for edits like I don’t own that s–t,” Tana responded to a fan account that shared two side-by-side photos of the starlet. “I post VIDEOS of myself online. I am very confident with how I look at all times. I got my makeup contoured to be like Paris for this look and edited as I normally do … ALSO, DIFFERENT POSES, LIGHTING, MAKEUP, DAYS, ETC. Suck my weenie and just know, I am very confident with how I look at all times. XOXO.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Tana Mongeau’s best Halloween costumes over the years.