Taylor Swift’s the queen of clues, but her friends are a close second. Keleigh Teller, a close friend of Taylor’s, recently liked a TikTok video referencing the Joe Alwyn diss that Jack Antonoff included in the remix version of “Anti-Hero,” hinting that the lyrics referenced Taylor and Joe’s breakup.

The TikTok posted by user Shannon Thomas shows her bobbing her head long to the “Anti-Hero” remix with the words, “Waiting for everyone to remember this Joe diss track on the AH bleachers remix. He dropped the ‘You’re Losing Me’ date to tell us just how long he was hurting our girl.”

“Sometimes, I feel like everyone is just an art bro, lately,” Jack, 39, sings on the track. “And I just judge them on a hill / Too hurt to hang out, talking s–t about your famous baby / Pierced through the heart of 90s guilt / Maybe I’m the problem, it’s me.”

The words “famous baby” hints at Taylor, 33, while “pierced through the heart of 90s guilt” seems to reference Joe, 32, as he was born in 1991.

The “Never Fall in Love” singer posted his own clue about Taylor and Joe’s relationship troubles on Wednesday, November 29, when he shared a photo of the day that he and the “All Too Well” singer wrote and recorded “I’m Losing You.”

Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift hold drinks at the 65th Grammy Awards.
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

“‘You’re Losing Me’ is out today, a very special track from the Midnights sessions that’s finally streaming!” Jack wrote in his Instagram Stories. “Written and recorded at home on 12/5/21 after Taylor ate these raisins.”

While Taylor never confirmed if her song “You’re Losing Me” was specifically about her and Joe, fans previously believed it was written after the pair split in April 2023 after six years of dating.

The song gave clues that many listeners thought meant that Taylor and Joe didn’t agree on a number of different things.

“I wouldn’t marry me either / A pathological people pleaser / Who only wanted you to see her,” Taylor sings in the song. “And I’m fading thinking / Do something, babe, say something / Lose something, babe, risk something / Choose something, babe, I got nothing to believe, unless you’re choosing me.”

However, the date Jack shared revealed that she had written the song more than a year before she and Joe called it quits.

Keleigh, 31, and Taylor met in 2021 when the Grammy Award-winning artist cast Miles Teller to appear in the video for her song released from the vault tracks on her album Red, “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version).” Miles, 36, played the groom in the video while Keleigh played the bride. The model has posted photos of her and Taylor several times over the years on her Instagram, and even turned one picture of her and Taylor on the set of the video into a meme.