You can’t spell “awesome” without “me” and you can’t spell “you’re” with an “R” followed by an apostrophe “E.” Taylor Swift is being roasted by fans after a typo was discovered on her new merchandise. A small grammatical mistake can be seen on the shirts that have lyrics from “ME!” written on it.

The line from the pop star’s new song reads, “You’re the only one of you / Baby that’s the fun of you.” However, it says “Your’e” on the piece of clothing. Whoops! The 29-year-old and her team have not responded to the misspelling.

Although the mistake is pretty epic, we should also note that it took fans literally weeks to notice. One person acknowledged on Twitter, “OK, so, I’ve owned this for … oh a month … and just noticed this?! My excuse is I was just so damn excited for that heart confetti.” All we’re saying is don’t be too hard on the “Bad Reputation” singer.

“Taylor’s probably like to her merch team, ‘you had one job,'” someone else joked about the mistake. Another user added, “Taylor I love you but you need to fire some people your merch has a grammatical error.”

While some people were enjoying poking fun at the artist, others were stoked to have the imperfect item. “What’s this jibber jabber about returning Taylor Swift merch that has a typo?? Keep it you crazy kids, that shizzle is gold dust for future collectors,” someone advised.

Many diehard Swifties rallied to support the “Delicate” songbird. A separate user noted, “To the people mocking Taylor Swift. FYI: She’s not personally creating her own merch. Just thought you should know.” Another follower said, “I hope Taylor can just laugh off this whole merch/spelling thing [because] a lot of people are really going to want this to hurt her feelings and embarrass her and the best thing she can do is stay unbothered.”

Keep you chin up, Tay!