Taylor Swift’s 11th studio album The Tortured Poets Department is officially here! As a longtime Swiftie, this album has been on my mind ever since Taylor announced its release date in February 2024. Now that my ears have finally been blessed with new music from the living legend, I’m breaking down my thoughts and first impressions of the songs.

Track 1 – ‘Fortnight’

Uh-oh, this is a slow start for me. While “Lavender Haze” kicked off Taylor’s previous album, Midnights, with a bang, “Fortnight” falls a bit flat. However, the apparent references to Taylor’s relationship with Matty Healy has piqued my interest. After months of believing that TTPD would solely be about the Joe Alwyn breakup, could Matty actually be getting some spotlight on this record? Didn’t they only date for, well … a fortnight?

TBH, I understand why this was chosen as the first single because of the Post Malone collaboration, but it’s definitely no “Anti-Hero.”

Track 2 – ‘The Tortured Poets Department’

OK, right off the bat the beat has pulled me in more and I can already feel myself bopping along. Yes, I had the same questions as you and I googled Dylan Thomas, Patti Smith and Lucy, so I broke that all down right here. We love a Taylor name drop! Even Charlie Puth gets a mention, and while I have to agree that he’s super talented, I’d love more context on that conversation about thinking he should “be a bigger artist.”

After realizing that Lucy is likely a reference to Lucy Dracus and her former friendship with Matty Healy, I’m completely shook. Is Matty the number one guy on this album!? Plus, the lyrics about smoking and tattoos … this one has Matty Healy written all over it!

Who Is Your Favorite Collaborator on Taylor Swift’s TTPD?

Also does this mean that Joe Alwyn’s “Tortured Man Club” group chat actually had nothing to do with this album title? Whoops.

Track 3 – ‘My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys’

This one has to be about Joe. Right. Right? OK yes, I believe so. How dare you not put Taylor on the pedestal she deserves, sir!

“Saw forever so he smashed it up.” OK, this lyric just about killed me. I think Taylor’s made it pretty clear at this point that she wanted to marry Joe and I just need to know why he refused.

Track 4 – ‘Down Bad’

Damn, this girlie was obsessed with Matty Healy, wasn’t she? Either way, I think I’m obsessed with this song. Can I play this again before moving on?

The repeated use of “f–k” on this one is SENDING me. She really dropped the f-bomb for the first time on Folklore and never looked back.

Track 5 – ‘So Long, London’

I have to admit, I don’t always find the lure of classic Taylor Swift track 5s like most fans do. “All Too Well” and “Dear John” are obviously top-tier songs, but this one is falling in the middle of the pack for me when it comes to track 5s.

Because of the heartbreaking title, I feel like “So Long, London” was one of the most anticipated songs on this album, but of the tracks I’ve heard so far, it feels kind of mid? I think this will grow on me as I continue listening because of the influx of lyrics. The lyrics sure do want me to shake Joe Alwyn, though!

Track 6 – ‘But Daddy I Love Him’

The sound of this one has roped me in the most from the very first note so far. Taylor has never been shy about calling out her critics and she comes for them hard with these lyrics. She’s so convincing I almost want to take back anything bad I’ve ever said about Matty Healy (ALMOST).I think this is my favorite song I’ve heard on this album so far.

Track 7 – ‘Fresh Out the Slammer’

Taylor singing about feeling like she was essentially locked up for so many years of her life is hard to hear, but knowing that she was SO ready to move on by the time the relationship ended brings some solace … even if the man she was so excited about moving on with was Matty Healy.

Track 8 – ‘Florida!!!’

OMG WHAT IS THIS SONG?!?! This vibe is completely different from anything else on the album so far and I’m living for it. It’s giving “No Body, No Crime” part 2 and I think the sequel is even better. Also, do I need to go listen to every Florence & The Machine song now? Because Florence Welch absolutely slayed that second verse.

Track 9 – ‘Guilty as Sin’

This is the kind of Taylor Swift song I live for. She’s unapologetically sharing her deepest and darkest thoughts, regardless of how people may receive them. This is not the first song Taylor has released about crushing on someone else when she was already in a relationship – see: “Gorgeous,” “Getaway Car” and “Cruel Summer,” to name a few – but if it’s not broken, why fix it, right?!

I also feel like this one will easily get stuck in my head and I’m not mad about it.

Track 10 – ‘Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?’

I’m afraid of your masterminding and genius lyricism, to be quite honest, Taylor. The lyrics on this album are truly like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Taylor is truly on a level like no other when it comes to songwriting. I was mesmerized listening to this entire song.

Track 11 – ‘I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)’

This kind of feels like a repeat of “But Daddy I Love Him” but I loved that song so I’m not mad about it. It seems like Taylor is going out of her way to defend how she felt about Matty at the time they were together and if that’s what she needed to do to move on from how it ended, I support her!

The addition of her admitting that “maybe [she] can’t” fix him as the final lyric of this song is absolute perfection.

Track 12 – ‘loml’

Wow, it usually takes me a few listens to fall in love with a slow song but this one had me hanging on Taylor’s every word from the first verse. How is one person able to come up with so many incredible metaphors like this? Also, I went into this one thinking it HAD to be about Joe but the lyrics about a “rekindled” relationship and being “just kids” have me wondering if Taylor’s referring to Matty and their 2014 fling. I’m going to need to do a deep dive with some help from Swifties on this one!

Track 13 – ‘I Can Do It With a Broken Heart’

Jaw. On. The. Floor. This perfectly encapsulates how you just never know what someone is going through. Taylor was clearly dealing with so much during the first few months of the Eras tour and she never slipped-up and showed it on stage. I feel like this is the boppiest bop on the album so far and I’m living for it.

Track 14 – ‘The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived’

Oh, Matty Healy, you dirty dog. Who would dare ghost THE Taylor Swift?! “Rusting my sparkling summer” is a lyric that will be on my mind for a long, long time.

Track 15 – ‘The Alchemy’

Hold on a second, Taylor. “Touch down”? “Benches”? “Winning streak”? “Shirt’s off”? “Friends lift you up”? “Cheers chanting”? “Greatest in the league”? “Trophy”? I’m sorry, do we have a song full of sports references here? Are you dating a professional athlete or something?!

I think we may have our very first Travis Kelce song, folks, and I smiled the entire time!

Track 16 – ‘Clara Bow’

I don’t think my jaw has ever dropped so low while listening to a Taylor Swift song than it did when I heard her say her own name on this song. I love when Taylor brings a song full circle and wraps it up with a bow but this was the most deliberate she’s ever been about breaking the fourth wall.

Yes, Taylor has written about the concept of fame before on songs like “The Lucky One” and “Nothing New,” but she still somehow found a way to put a fresh, new spin on it with “Clara Bow.” No, it’s not my favorite song on the album, but it’s a satisfying closer.