Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley
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Season 18 winner of The Bachelor, Nikki Ferrell, isn’t afraid to get real about her time on the hit reality series fighting for Juan Pablo Galavis’ love — especially when it comes to her feud with fellow contestant Clare Crawley“I don’t think there was anything we disagreed on, we just didn’t like each other,” Nikki, 33, told former Bachelor Nick Viall during a Monday, September 7, episode of his podcast.

“She saw me as a threat to her relationship, and me not liking her … I just didn’t like her. I didn’t like the way she acted,” the Missouri native added, before explaining that she refused to “fake a friendship” with Clare, 39. 

“I think that probably bothered her,” Nikki mused. “I didn’t really care about her. I didn’t care about the dates she went on. I didn’t care about anything. Not in a malicious way. I’m the kind of person where I don’t have, like, a ton of friends, but the friends I do choose to let in, I’m very close with.”

During the season finale of The Bachelor in 2014, Juan Pablo, 39, proposed to Nikki while Clare was left blindsided as his runner-up. Seven months later, Nikki and Juan split. Even after their mutual love interest was out of the equation, the former competitors didn’t make amends.  “We did not reconcile, but I feel like there was never a relationship to reconcile,” Nikki explained of where she and Clare stand today.

“I don’t really think about her, I don’t really care and I think [she] probably feels the same way about me,” Nikki, who went on to marry husband Tyler Vanloo in 2016, claimed. “I don’t hate her, [but] we are not friends. We’re never going to be friends.”

For Clare’s part, the California native is now the frontwoman for season 16 of The Bachelorette airing on Tuesday, October 13. Given Nikki’s, er, less than warm feelings toward her, we doubt she’ll be tuning in! Lucky for her, Tayshia Adams will be stepping in as the Bachelorette later in the season.

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