Sydney Gordon is ready for the claws to come out at the Women Tell All special for season 28 of The Bachelor. One day before the episode, Sydney teased that she’s ready to spill the tea about her feud with Maria Georgas.

“Ready to tell all,” she captioned an Instagram photo on Sunday, March 17. She also included tune-in information for the episode, which was pretaped and will air on Monday, March 18.

Sydney, 28, found herself at the center of the drama during her time on The Bachelor. She began butting heads with Maria, 29, in week two. It started when Sydney accused Maria of being “condescending” towards fellow constant Madina Alam. Sydney said that Maria was “downplaying” Madina’s feelings about being the oldest woman in the cast.

Although Madina, 31, told Joey Graziadei that she was feeling “bullied” by one of the other women, she didn’t use Maria’s name. Sydney took it upon herself to throw Maria under the bus. During a conversation with Joey, 28, Sydney accused the Canada native of “attacking” Madina and creating a “hostile environment” in the mansion.

In order to get to the bottom of things, Joey took Maria and Sydney on a two-on-one date during week four. After hearing from both sides, he felt like his connection with Maria was stronger and decided to eliminate Sydney on the date. Maria wound up making it all the way to hometown dates and got to introduce Joey to her family before she was sent home.

the bachelors sydney ready to tell all after maria feud

Maria previously teased that there was more to the story than what viewers saw on television. “I just think that s–t happens sometimes and people deal with things differently,” she said in February. “When I said things would come to light and things would come out … I stand by that.”

Before Women Tell All airs, viewers will see how things ended during fantasy suites week for Joey. After his three dates with Rachel Nance, Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent, the tennis instructor was thrown for a loop when he received a note from Kelsey, 25, that said, “We need to talk.” In addition to the duo’s anticipated conversation, the March 18 episode will reveal who was sent home that week.

The season concludes on March 25 with a finale episode that will feature Joey going on his final two dates and making his big decision ahead of the last rose ceremony. He’ll also get the chance to introduce the remaining two women to his family before things come to an end.