Skin Check-in With Dr. Will: The Benefits of LaserAway’s Eye Opener
Courtesy of Dr. Will Kirby

Welcome to your skin check-in with Life & Style’s resident health and beauty expert, Dr. Will Kirby, a celebrity dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway. Every week, he’ll be spilling his candid thoughts and professional advice on all things skin, beauty and wellness as it relates to you — and your favorite stars.

The thinnest skin on the female body is located around the eyes, and as a result, it’s unfortunately one of the areas where women first start to experience the signs of aging. From sallow bags and dark concave circles to puffy lower eyes lids and thin crepey skin, a high-quality eye serum can make a huge difference in your appearance.

So, ready to treat your existing exhausted eyes or make a preemptive strike against unsightly eye area aging? Get high-quality sleep, adequate hydration and use the right eye serum. This week some of our aesthetic experts give their person opinions on Eye Opener, the newest eye serum to hit the market!

“Tired eyes? Try Eye Opener! It is like your quick fix to revive, firm and brighten the delicate eye area,” notes skincare guru Camille Morgan. “It contains an exclusive peptide that improves firmness, minimizes fine lines, and has a lifting effect. It also combats skin fatigue by reducing the appearance of swollen, dark eye circles!

Eye Opener serum is perfect for anyone looking to brighten, tighten and depuff tired eyes!” exclaims aesthetic nurse Shem Hoda. “When used morning and night, this multi-corrective serum hydrates and improves the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Better still, the angled precision tip applicator makes all the difference to gently soothe and reach all the contours of the eye, boost circulation and reduce puffiness!”

“I strongly recommend incorporating a daily eye serum into all skincare routines. You can never be too early when it comes to eye care!” explains aesthetic nurse Corey Ordyne. “One of my favorite new products is Eye Opener because it’s packed with six different peptides as well as hyaluronic acid, making it a solid choice for supporting healthy collagen and providing hydration to help strengthen vulnerable eye skin. The result? A more youthful, brighter, well rested appearance!”