Take us to the Circle Chat! Joey Sasso, winner of the hit Netflix reality show The Circle took to Instagram to share how he will be spending his Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look the 25-year-old’s love interest in the game, Miranda Bissonette will be his valentine.

“Spending Valentine’s Day this year single,” Joey wrote on his Instagram Story on the eve of the holiday. “Have my mom and sister here in L.A. Wouldn’t have it any other way,” he added with a few raising hands emojis.

Courtesy of Joey Sasso

Although there is no denying Joey and Miranda, 26, had a strong connection on The Circle, it seems like they are taking things slow offline. “Me and Miranda have spent time together, and we have hung out a lot, but it’s one of those things that everyone wants us to, you know, be married and have kids,” Joey told Life & Style exclusively following his win back in January.

“I totally get it because everyone’s seeing us meet for the first time and have so much genuine love for each other, but with that situation, it’s difficult,” he continued to explain. Joey chose not to confirm or deny his relationship status with Miranda, but he did say they “are in each other’s lives.”

Joey and Miranda Kiss on The Circle

He continued to elaborate on their relationship, “We’re so close. We’re the best of friends,” he told Life & Style. “We have so much genuine love for each other. And none of that was fake and none of that was lost after the show, but for everyone who’s asked if we are, you know, getting married next week … I just think that it’s something that’s between her and I.”

As for Miranda, it seems like the feelings are mutual when it comes to taking their relationship in stride. “I can’t tell the future,” Miranda told Life & Style, “but Joey and I will always be really close friends and an active inspiration in each other’s lives.”

Although the two may not be sitting at a candlelit dinner on February 14, we have a feeling they exchanged some heart and eggplant emojis via text message.