On August 12, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas (a.k.a the Jonas Brothers) kicked off their massive world tour consisting of 94 shows, a 67-song setlist and surprise cameos (Jimmy Fallon hit the stage at the August 13 gig at Yankee Stadium in New York City). “Tonight is a celebration of the journey we’ve been on for the last 18 years,” Nick wrote on Instagram hours before the show began.

For a time, it was hard to believe the New Jersey–born siblings would ever sing together again, let alone be back on the road selling out venues across the U.S. But 10 years after tension and in-fighting caused the group to split — in 2013 they announced they’d broken up due to a “deep rift within the band” — Kevin, 35, Joe, 34, and Nick, 30, are now tighter than ever. “That break really allowed them to take a big step back and work through their issues,” a source tells Life & Style. “It brought a whole new dynamic to the group, and they’re all so much happier.”

Torn Apart

Joe and Kevin were thrown for a loop when Nick told the band he wanted out two days before they were scheduled to go on tour in late 2013. “I said, ‘You know, I feel like the Jonas Brothers should be no more, and we should go on individual journeys,’” he recalled. “And it didn’t go so well.” The brothers — who shot to fame in the late 2000s with songs like “Burnin’ Up!” and their hit Disney film, Camp Rock — stopped speaking. “It left the family shaken up for a while,” Nick recently said.

Unwilling to give up on their bond, the trio finally sought professional help. “We literally spent a year basically doing therapy, working through some things,” Nick has said. Their parents were a major force in getting them talking again (they also have a fourth son, Frankie, 22). “It hurt them a lot to see that the boys weren’t getting along,” says the source, adding, “Nick, Joe and Kevin needed some time apart, but they also felt lost and lonely without each other.”

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Jealousy was also an issue. Kevin, and his wife Danielle Deleasa, the first to wed and have kids, have admitted to feeling “less than” Nick and Joe and their famous spouses, Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner. “It’s a love-hate,” Danielle once said of being compared to the actresses, to which Kevin replied, “I feel the same way with Nick and Joe, right? Like [they have] solo careers, movies, all this stuff.” Unlike his brothers, he spent his hiatus flipping houses.

It took working on 2019’s documentary Chasing Happiness to get the band back together. “We got a do-over,” Joe said at the time, “and I think this time around we’re going to do it right.”

Family Guys

In the years since, the brothers’ bond has strengthened as they went on to have families of their own — Kevin shares Alena, 9, and Valentina, 6, with Danielle; Joe and Sophie are parents to Willa, 3, and a second daughter, 1; and Nick and Priyanka are parents to Malti, 19 months. “We’re all fathers now,” Joe explained. “Before, one of us was going through something that the other could simply not connect… This time around, we’re actually able to work together quite well.”