Todd Chrisley currently has a net worth of $1.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, although that might soon change.

The reality star was found guilty on all counts in his fraud case along with his wife, Julie Chrisley, in July 2022. The pair face up to 30 years in prison in their upcoming sentencing and hefty fines that may change their net worths.

Todd first filed for personal bankruptcy in 2012. At that point, he claimed to have had $4.2 million in total assets and nearly $50 million in debt. He also claimed to have only had $100 in cash on him at the time and $55 in his checking account. The following year, he filed for corporate bankruptcy.

As for the matriarch, she’s also worth $1.5 million. It also helps that the couple have A super successful show — Chrisley Knows Best — which premiered in 2014. Although with their guilty verdict, the show’s fate is up in the air.

Todd Chrisley's Sweetest Photos With His Kids
Courtesy of Todd Chrisley/Instagram

However, the pair’s past caught up to them because in August 2019, they turned themselves in for tax evasion. After being charged with several counts of bank and wire fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy, their trial began two years later.

“We stand in our faith and what we know is right fortunate to have the counsel we have and we’ll walk this road because we know the good Lord will take us through,” Todd said at the time. He spoke further about their money issues during an August 2022 episode of the “Chrisley Confessions” podcast.

“I got lost when I couldn’t tell the difference in my self-worth and my net worth,” he explained. “And the bigger my net worth became, the less I focused on my self-worth because everything was being built around that net worth. Around stuff.”

Todd added, “You become a slave to the things that you thought were going to bring you peace. So I got lost in that and for my whole life because I think I was too ignorant — and when I use the word ignorant [I mean] I [didn’t] know that I understood how to differentiate self-worth and net worth.”

Prior to their guilty verdict, Todd and Julie turned out to be successful in other ways. In 2016, Todd released a single called “Infinite Love” with Sarah Evans. The song peaked at No. 19 on the Billboard charts that year.

His kids also seem to be making a name for themselves, especially daughter Savannah Chrisley, who launched a clothing line in 2017 called Faith Over Fear. Two years later, she launched a second line called SavannahChrisleyxRampage. “Rampage is a call to action to live your truest, boldest, most fabulous life!” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

Besides fashion, the Growing Up Chrisley star is interested in the beauty industry. In fact, she has a makeup line called Sassy Cosmetics launching before Christmas. “We’re excited for that, and I mean this was something I’ve been working on for the past five years and the fact that it’s finally coming to life is so exciting for me,” she exclusively told Life & Style.