Hard work and dedication. Miley Cyrus’ older brother, Trace Cyrus, gave fans an update on his mental and physical health while sharing a before-and-after photo of his body transformation on Wednesday, August 17.

The “Pray at Night” artist, 33, opened up about his personal struggles via Twitter and gave his followers the ultimate mid-week motivation to keep going. “The picture on the left is what I looked like at the end of last year. I was mentally destroyed & it really affected my physical health,” his tweet read alongside a progression snapshot. “The pic on the right is me now. Your mindset is everything. It can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. F–k motivation. Stay dedicated!”

Trace has updated his online followers on his health and wellness journey since October 2020 when he opened up about his past battle with addictions and anxiety. While reflecting on a 2012 photo of him where he was very thin, the musician revealed that his addictions deteriorated his appetite and he rarely left his home because of his heightened anxiety. 

Miley Cyrus' Brother Trace Cyrus Shares His Before and After Body Transformation: 'Stay Dedicated'
Courtesy of Trace Cyrus/Twitter

“I promise you no matter how bad things are you can always change them. Don’t waste years of your life being someone you are unhappy with like I did,” he captioned his October 2020 before and after Instagram photo. “I’ll never be that person again & I’ll continue to work on myself every day.”

Since then, the Metro Station star has continuously posted Instagram photos and videos while keeping up with his fans through his captions. Trace wasn’t one to post on social media in the past but has upped his activity online since turning a new leaf and also focusing on his music career.

“Damn this is my first post on here in a while!” his May 2022 Instagram caption read. “I’ve been super focused lately on my physical & mental health. So social media has not been a priority. But my album is almost done!” he continued. “Before I start dropping new music, I really wanted to get my mind & body feeling  100 percent. I’m feeling amazing and really motivated. New music out soon! Love you all.”

Fast-forward one month and Trace really turned to working out as his form of therapy almost daily. Trace explained that he wants to show the other side to “body positivity,” which isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. “I feel we live in a day and age where everyone is about body positivity and ignoring the facts of how unhealthy some people are,” his June 2022 caption read alongside a shirtless mirror selfie exposing his array of tattoos. “We live in times that have made us lazy, unmotivated, and weak. Our bodies are capable of so much and want to do so much more than sitting on the couch scrolling through a phone for hours and binge-watching Netflix.”