Travis Kelce‘s made a comment about diamonds and “making” kids on the Wednesday, March 19, episode of his “New Heights” podcast that has Taylor Swift fans buzzing about an engagement and babies for the couple.

While discussing 7-foot-4 San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wembanyama, Travis, 34, said, “You can’t tell me that dude wasn’t made in a f–king lab over there in France.” He coninued, “Lab-grown diamonds, that’s a lab-grown f–king NBA player,” before taking a pause and adding, “Can’t wait til I f–kin’ make one.”

Travis’ brother and cohost, Jason Kelce, immediately saw how the comment could be interpreted. “Don’t do this. Do not give any of these other conspiracy theorists anything else to latch onto, please,” Jason, 36, pleaded.

It was already too late, as Swifties took to X with joy. “Travis saying this about making a baby just sent me into orbit … like SIR,” one fan wrote while posting the video clip. “Travis got a smile and blushed and said ‘I can’t wait to f–king make one’ in his day dreaming voice … I say, make those beautiful babies!” another user cheered.

Travis Kelce Hints He Can't Wait for Kids With Taylor Swift

“I love it because it shows that his mind is in the right place thinking about the future, rather than his critics thinking he only cares about partying,” another fan wrote, while one fan gushed, “I am so excited about this. So happy they have each other and clearly want the same things! Over the moon.”

“That’s why we have let them have privacy … so they can go make super tall babies. I’m teasing of course. Let her finish the tour first. This will be better than the royal baby watch,” another Swifty added while one person speculated about what an amazing baby Travis and Taylor would create. “He said what he said. He DOES want kids, that’s not a secret and given the family history, they most likely will be talented,” the fan wrote on X.

Travis is an adoring uncle to Jason’ three daughters he shares with wife Kylie Kelce: Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 3, and Bennett, 2. “They just love him,” the brothers’ mom, Donna Kelce, told People in November 2023 about the girls’ “Uncle Trav.”

Donna, 71, added that Travis “loves” being an uncle and “loves kids, period.”

He’s a “really a good uncle,” she continued, explaining, “He’ so good and animated.” Donna noted, “He’s a kid himself. He just feels like he’s one of them … I don’t think he’s ever going to grow up.”

Taylor, 34, and Travis have been dating since August 2023 but their relationship has been a whirlwind. The pair are “testing the waters of living under one roof” while she’s on her break from the Eras tour, a source told Life & Style exclusively.

“It seems to be going very smoothly. He moved into her Los Angeles mansion while she’s on break from her tour, they’re nesting and loving it,” an insider explained.

“Taylor’s got marriage and kids on the brain,” an insider told Life & Style exclusively in February, adding, “One of Travis’ biggest attractions is that he’s so family-oriented.”