He makes it look like money grows on trees! Daily Show host Trevor Noah always has his audience cracking up, but his net worth is anything but laughable. The 2021 and 2022 Grammys host was named the fourth-richest comedian by Forbes in 2019, proving he’s among Hollywood’s elite when it comes to raking in the dough. Wondering exactly how much he makes? Keep reading to get all of the details.

What Is Trevor Noah’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, the political commentator is estimated to have a net worth of around $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth

How Does Trevor Noah Make Money?

When he’s not busy covering the latest news on The Daily Show, Trevor is always finding different ways to expand his brand. Not only did he have several Netflix specials, including Afraid of the Dark and Son of Patricia, but also, his 2016 book, Born A Crime, earned a place on the coveted New York Times bestseller list. 

According to Forbes in 2019, he “earned the bulk of his income this year through stand-up, making him eligible for our list.” Trevor scored the No. 4 spot behind other notable comedians Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeld and Kevin Hart. 

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What Inspired Trevor Noah to Pursue a Career in Comedy?

I always felt an innate joy making people laugh. I always loved performing. And then somebody paid me to do it — as a profession. But I loved it before I earned any money, so I think it was always going to be my natural course,” the South Africa native told Harvard Business Review about his rise to fame. 

How Did Trevor Noah Get on The Daily Show?

The writer said Jon Stewart and the show’s executives had seen his comedic chops and expressed their interest long before he ever secured the Emmy-winning TV gig. “Jon reached out and told me to keep in touch, and that’s what I did,” Trevor told HBR. “I was doing shows in New York, which gave me ample opportunity to hang out with the team and get that relationship kicked off; over time, I created a few pieces and we worked on making me part of the show. Then, when Jon left and they needed a new host, my name got thrown into the hat.”

When Is Trevor Noah Leaving ‘The Daily Show’?

During the September 29, 2022, taping of his hit series, Trevor revealed his plans to leave his hosting job. 

“I’ve loved hosting this show. It’s been one of my greatest challenges. It’s been one of my greatest joys. I’ve loved trying to figure out how to make people laugh even when the stories are particularly shitty on the worst days,” he told the New York audience. 

Though it was not immediately clear when his final day will be, Comedy Central released a statement following his announcement saying, “We are grateful to Trevor for our amazing partnership over the past seven years.”

“With no timetable for his departure, we’re working together on next steps,” the statement continued. “As we look ahead, we’re excited for the next chapter in the 25+ year history of The Daily Show as it continues to redefine culture through sharp and hilarious social commentary, helping audiences make sense of the world around them.”