Tyler Cameron is pitching his dad, Jeff Cameron, as the next star of The Golden Bachelor.

“He would be good for being the Golden Bachelor, not [a contestant on] The Golden Bachelorette,” Tyler, 31, told US Weekly. “He likes to juggle multiple women at once. So he’d be better for The Golden Bachelor.”

Tyler’s parents divorced before he was a contestant on The Bachelorette in 2019. However, they remained on amicable terms until the Florida native’s mom, Andrea Cameron’s, death in 2020.

Bachelor Nation fans got to know Tyler on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He was the runner-up on the show and went on to briefly date Gigi Hadid after the finale aired. Tyler and Hannah, 29, also reconnected after his mother’s death and are now on friendly terms.

However, Tyler confirmed to Us Weekly that he has no plans to attend Hannah’s upcoming wedding to Adam Woolard and said he does not expect to be invited. “It’s a special day for two special people and they’re gonna have an amazing wedding,” he said. “I don’t need to be there. I would need to be there cheering them on from the sidelines like way back in Jupiter, [Florida].”

Who Do You Want to See as the Next Golden Bachelor?

ABC has not announced plans for a season 2 of The Golden Bachelor yet. Later this year, Joan Vassos will star as the first lead for The Golden Bachelorette. She was previously a contestant on Gerry Turner’s season of The Golden Bachelor, but had to leave the show early due to a family emergency.

Gerry, 72, wound up getting engaged to Theresa Nist on the dating show. However, their marriage was short-lived, as they announced on April 12 that they were divorcing.

After news of the estranged couple’s split broke, Tyler weighed in on the breakup. “They put a stain on love and Bachelor Nation because it was the most wholesome … like, it brought so much joy back to The Bachelor of not this, like, people wanting to go on just to be influencers. That, like, brought joy and true love – that we thought. And then they just pulled the rug right out from under us.”

While speaking with Us Weekly, Tyler reiterated his feelings about how Gerry and Theresa’s marriage ended. “I know I got a lot of crap for saying they made a ‘stain on love,’ but they did,” he shared. “I think if they’re gonna do The Golden Bachelorette, they should just hold it in Florida. I’ll run the show. There’s plenty of people to pick from and we’ll go to the villages where all the old people hang out or Boca or Jupiter and I can help guide the way. I know plenty of old guys like my dad that [would like to] meet a nice lady right now.”