Following their torrid seven-month affair, Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval and Raquel”Rachel” Leviss were free to pursue a romance after his longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix, found out and broke off their nine-year relationship in March. Although they did, it quickly came to a nasty ending.

Are Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss Still Together?

Not anymore. On September 9, Raquel shared an Instagram video taking a visit to a flower farm and wrote, “I’ve been dreaming of a place like this” in the caption. With her 29th birthday three days away on September 12, Tom wrote in the comments “Happy Birthday Rachel. I really hope ur finding peace and happiness. Miss u friend.” While she didn’t respond to his comment, two days later Raquel blocked Tom on her Instagram account. She then shared a screenshot showing Tom’s blockage which showed a red “cancel” circle over his profile picture as well as a pink and white GIF reading “ok bye!”

raquel leviss blocks tom sandoval
Courtesy of Raquel Leviss/Instagram

Tom dissed her reaction during the September 13 premiere of Special Forces: The Toughest Test, of which he’s a season 2 cast member. “I think it’s a little thirsty and immature personally, but she is who she is,” the bar owner told Extra. Tom then added, “I still wish the best for her. I hope she’s doing good and I hope she finds her happiness.”

Two months later, Raquel announced her upcoming podcast titled “Rachel Goes Rogue” – which Tom quickly reacted to while reflecting on their romance.

“I fought so hard for Rachel. I stopped drinking. I stopped smoking cigarettes because she went away to a facility,” he revealed during a December 7 appearance of the “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast hosted by Housewives Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp.

“I’m like, ‘She can’t drink, she can’t smoke. I’m gonna quit,’” he said on the podcast. “I haven’t gone this long without drinking since I was 16. It’s been eight months. I stopped for her. I was there in any way that she needed me,” he continued, adding, “We were best friends. It’s heartbreaking to go through. I was fully in love with her.”

Did Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss Stay In Contact After the ‘VPR’ Reunion Taping?

The duo initially stayed in contact following the show’s March 23 reunion taping, after which Raquel checked in to an Arizona mental health facility where she stayed until July.

In May 2023 multiple outlets reported that the pair had called it quits ahead of the season 10 finale airing, with a source telling Page Six, “Raquel dipped out,” adding, “Sandoval is not the one for her.”

Ariana disputed the claim during a Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance on May 17, revealing Raquel had sent a letter to the home the former couple still shared, and although she was unsure of the contents, the handwriting allegedly belonged to the former SUR waitress.

Scheana Shay‘s husband, Brock Davies, shared that Raquel seemingly taunted Ariana while next sending a postcard to her home with Tom. “It was a postcard. It wasn’t a f–king closed envelope because she wanted one of you guys to read it. She sent a letter and Ariana sees the letter but she can’t open it because it is illegal. Then [Raquel] has the audacity to go one step further and sends a postcard from Sedona [Arizona] with a lightning bolt,” Brock told Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright on the May 30 episode of their“Reality Hits” podcast. Tom famously wears a silver lightning bolt pendant on a necklace and Raquel bought a nearly identical one at the end of VPR season 10.

What Has Raquel Said About Her Relationship With Tom?

The former beauty pageant contestant was blasted after telling Bethenny Frankel in an August episode of her “Just B with Bethenny Frankel” podcast that she would never have become involved with the Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras singer if she believed “that there was longevity to Tom and Ariana’s relationship.”

Bravo mega fan Jared Barnes said in an August 18 Instagram clip from his  “Bravo Tea with Jared B” podcast, “Whether real or not, formerly, they were in a relationship despite the circumstances, if you wanted to be with Tom Sandoval so bad, you should’ve let him know that this tryst, this situation going on between you and him, goes no further until you know officially that they have broken up.”

Raquel responded, in the comments, “You’re not wrong! I should have had more self respect than that and should have respected the relationship that Ariana had with Tom. No excuses… however, looking back, I see I had low self-worth and Tom kept telling me he was actively breaking up with her ‘amicably’ for her ‘mental health,’ which I can now see was magical thinking.”

She continued, “He had a million and one reasons why they hadn’t broken up yet and it was easier to stay in that fantasy then to face the fact that the social anxiety and isolation was not worth it. So yes, absolutely you’re 100% right. It was MY responsibility to remove myself from that situation … now I know better.”