Our favorite ABC couple just celebrated their first anniversary together! Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams and Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland have officially been dating for one year, and they truly couldn’t seem any more in love. If you’re wondering how they made their relationship official, they both shared their side of the story on Instagram on Oct. 15.

“A year ago I impatiently asked @wellsadams ‘when are you gonna ask me to be your girlfriend?!'” wrote Sarah beside a cuddly, goofy photo on the beach with her boo. “I still can’t tell if I just bullied you in to being with me and you’re scared to leave? But please don’t. Thank you for being the @stevehowey To my @katehudson In #bridewars … Now, let’s get tan again and drink all the rosé.”

Well, Sarah doesn’t need to worry about having “bullied” Wells into anything. At least, not according to him. “A couple hours after we took these pics, @sarahhyland said ‘when are you going to ask me to be your girlfriend?'” Wells recalled in his own caption on a slideshow of cute couples pics. “I said, ‘right now.’ I then doubled down and said ‘I’m falling in love with you.'”

But then it was Wells who had to sweat when he heard Sarah’s response. “She responded with, ‘I can’t say that yet.’ And then like 15 minutes later she did. Happy anniversary, baby. I love you most.” Wells also shared a photo of a collage that Sarah made him as an anniversary gift. Is anyone else screaming internally (or externally)?

Wells and Sarah have been getting more and more open about their sweet romance lately. Just last week, Wells revealed on his podcast that his first date with Sarah was actually at a super-secret pre-Emmys party surrounded by the biggest celebrities… and he had no idea until he walked in the door! We can’t wait to keep watching this romance bloom.

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