Khloé Kardashian and ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson welcomed their second child together via surrogate on July 28, 2022, and The Kardashians star has remained tight-lipped on the status of her child. Naturally, fans are curious what the name of the new member of the family is given that Khloé has stayed so secretive since his birth. Keep reading to find out everything we know about Khloé and Tristan’s son’s name. 

What Did Khloe Name Her New Baby?

Similar to sister Kylie Jenner’s second child’s hidden name, Khloé also hasn’t revealed the moniker she chose for her second child. The entrepreneur dropped the biggest clue yet during the season 2 premiere episode of The Kardashians, which dropped on Hulu on  September 22, 2022.

“It is gonna start with a ‘T,’” KoKo told mom Kris Jenner during the episode. “I mean, that’s really the only names I’ve been looking at.”

Khloe Kardashian Baby No 2 First Photo

During an October 2022 appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the mama of two revealed she had not named her son Snowy despite her daughter initially calling him that in a previous episode. 

“My daughter says his name is Snowy, and it’s not Snowy, so that’s the hint,” Khloé explained. “I swear she just does things to sort of mess with me,” the Good American founder continued. “But his name is not Snowy.”

Six months later, the denim mogul emphasized that “the only names [she’s] been looking at” begin with a “T” during an April 2023 appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. 

“He’s eight months old, and he is a little chunk. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” the mom of two gushed before explaining her method behind naming her baby. “I wanted to meet him and feel him out a little bit. At first, he didn’t have a name. Then, he’s been named, but I’ve been waiting for the premiere of our show, and I didn’t know it was going to be this far out.”

She has previously mentioned a few ideas she already had in mind. During a January 2018 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Good American founder opened up about possible names if she gave birth to a son. However, she welcomed daughter True Thompson that April. 

“I think, if it’s a boy, I’ll go with Junior,” she told host Ellen DeGeneres at the time. “Tristan Jr. Then, for a girl, I don’t know where to begin.” It should be noted, however, that Khloé and Tristan were still a couple at the time and have since gone their separate ways.

Tristan Thompson Breaks Silence as He and Khloe Kardashian Expect 2nd Child via Surrogate

Fans of the Hulu personality recalled this moment amid the secrecy of baby No. 2’s name, and one TikTok user even shared the video following the birth of her second child. 

However, countless fans also mentioned the possibility that the mom of two used her late father’s name, Robert Kardashian

“Honestly, Robert would slay,” one commented. “Just name that baby Robert please lol [sic],” another wrote, whereas a third chimed in, “I feel like she’s traditional in that way, so, maybe. Isn’t Rob a Jr.?” referring to Khloé’s brother, Rob Kardashian

It seems that the reality TV personality isn’t dropping her son’s name anytime soon, as she shared a photo of a plate of holiday cookies in December 2022, which were inscribed with the names “Khloé,” “True” and “Baby.”

Four months later, Kris revealed that her grandson’s initials were “T.T” by sharing a photo via her Instagram Stories of his Easter basket in April 2023.

What Did Khloe Kardashian Name Baby No. 2 With Ex Tristan Thompson? See Clues on Son’s Moniker
Courtesy of Kris Jenner/Instagram

In May 2023, The Sun reported that KoKo named her baby boy Tatum Robert, with his middle name being dedicated to her late father. 

While Khloé has yet to confirm whether the reports were correct, her best friend, Malika Haqq, seemingly let the cat out of the bag.

“Go Tate!” she commented on the reality star’s recent photos with her son.

Did Khloe Immediately Name Baby No. 2?

During a teaser for the November 24, 2022, episode of The Kardashians, Khloé was seen cradling her then-newborn baby boy alongside mom Kris and sister Kim. 

“What are we gonna name him?” the beauty mogul asked Khloé, adding, “That’s what I need to know.” Hinting that the name starts with a “T,” the Good American founder has still yet to reveal her baby’s name. 

Khloe Named Her Daughter Out of Tradition

Only four days after True was born, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum revealed her daughter’s beautiful and unique name. One month later, she explained the meaning behind True’s moniker. 

“My grandma MJ suggested True,” Khloé wrote on her former Khloé With a K app. “She told me it was my great-grandfather’s first name and my grandfather’s middle name.” 

The beauty also explained how her grandmother’s suggestion “stuck with [her] for [her] entire pregnancy and was the only one [she] couldn’t get out of my head.”

True Had a ‘Say’ in the Baby’s Name

An insider exclusively told In Touch on August 20, 2022, that “Khloé is going to extreme measures to ensure True doesn’t feel excluded and has let her have a say in the baby’s name.”

The source also noted that the baby boy’s name “will be announced when the time is right.”

What Has Khloe Said About Being a Mother of Two?

Khloé opened up about being a mother of two during an interview with Elle, published on August 30, 2022.

“Being able to shape little people into really incredible big people is an honor and a gift,” she told the outlet.

The TV personality continued, “I know it’s cliché, but I love everything, even the hard parts [of parenting]. It’s super scary, but I take my job very seriously.”

“We have to take those roles seriously, especially in today’s day and age, with how much accessibility children have and the information they’re exposed to so young,” Khloé added.