Josh Flagg recently tied the knot to Bobby Boyd, but what the heck happened to Colton Thorn?! The Million Dollar Listing star has taken a step back from the spotlight after he and Josh split — and we can’t say we blame him.

On Thursday, Jan. 25 Josh took to Instagram to remind viewers to watch his wedding unfold on the hit Bravo show, but we guarantee Colton didn’t tune in! “Tune in tonight to the wedding episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles!” he wrote.

Colton and Josh were planning their future during Season 8 of the show, but by Season 9, Josh was doing the same with a new man. According to one passionate reddit user, however, the two were never compatible.

“Always had a feeling it would end,” they wrote. “Josh is cute and seems nice but loves attention. After so many years as in any relationship, you get bored and too comfortable. It is just so sad when they jump into new relationships so fast.” They continued, “In a way, it is so disrespectful but money speaks and Josh has a lot of that. Colton was too settly [sic] for him and Josh still wanted to play. Seems like he was already playing before getting comfortable enough to call it quits. Friends? Yeah right, give me a break.” Yikes.

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Don’t feel too sorry for Colton, though. Based on social media, it looks like he’s living his best life traveling the world. “Inspiration overload! #Heaven #MO16” he wrote on a recent trip to Paris.

Still, fans can’t seem to get over their split. “Wait, so what happened to Colton?” one person commented on reddit. “I thought they were on the baby train and he was besties with Josh’s mom??? Also, Josh was like his sugar daddy? WHO IS THIS INTERLOPER?” Sigh, RIP #Jolton.