Say goodbye to all your mood boards. Polyvore users are currently in mourning after the community-powered fashion website was shut down without warning. Instead, Polyvore is being rerouted to the homepage of its new owner, SSense. As expected, fans have taken to social media to vent about its abrupt end and the loss of all their curated sets and online friends.

“I’ve been writing for literally years on your site and all my work is now gone without warning, and there’s no way for me to recover it? How am I supposed to get in contact with people who I met through your site?” one disappointed user tweeted. Another fumed, “What is most frustrating about the @polyvore @SSENSE hostile takeover is the complete lack of respect for the user community who made this site the success it is. Corporate greed at its worst.”

Unsurprisingly, within hours of being shut down, a petition to bring back Polyvore was launched. “Without even a word of warning, this website, community, and family was destroyed, sold out to the company SSense and adopting the name — losing all groups, its set-making function, and basically morphing into a ‘luxury retailer’ without consulting its member base,” wrote Lauren Coates on “The goal of this petition is simple — Bring Back Polyvore. Bring back the creative outlet for thousands. Bring back the website that connected people across the globe. Bring back the platform for creativity, individuality, and self expression. Bring. Back. Polyvore.” The petition is just a few signatures away from its goal of 5,000.

So, what happened to Polyvore?

Polyvore was acquired by SSense, Montreal-based fashion retail platform, and was immediately redirected to the However, according to a press release from the new owner, users still have time to download all their work before it really disappears. “The Polyvore community will have access to download their content from their respective official profile by visiting by May 10, 2018,” explained the release. “The apps will no longer be supported.”


On Twitter, SSense explained furthur, “We’re excited to share our directional collection of the most coveted labels in the world.” This power move seems to be backfiring for the e-commerce site, with many Polyvore users refusing to shop on their website. “Like do y’all realize nobody even uses Polyvore to shop… do u even know who ur audience is,” one frustrated fan wrote on Twitter before another chimed in, “This was handled so poorly I will never shop ~~@~~SSENSE, what a total lack of respect. Furthermore i will advise all readers of my blog to also take their business elsewhere. This was completely inexcusable.”

Polyvore alternatives

Several companies have stepped forward to offer displaced Polyvore users with a new home. ShopLook, a website that helps you design and find the perfect outfit, showed their support on social media, writing, “We are humbled by the kind Polyvore community and know we have lots of work ahead of us. Stay tuned for many new features to come. Your support will be critical for us to get there.”

Model Brooklyn Decker also reached out to Polyvore-ers, and urged them to check out Finery, a personal wardrobe app. “Dear @polyvore users, we feel you,” she wrote. Stay strong, #Polyfam.