Apple of our eye! The Real Housewives of New York City reboot star Brynn Whitfield made her presence known during the season 14 premiere. The bigger-than-life personality is the only single cast member, but her unique beauty is what really caught the attention of viewers.

What Is Brynn Whitfield’s Ethnicity?

Brynn revealed she was biracial during the fourth episode of season 14 after her hair stylist complimented her curly hair.

“My mom’s white, my dad’s black. My father and his family were never in the picture, so I definitely missed out on having the support and exposure to a strong Black community,” she said during a confessional interview.

The RHONY star was raised by her grandmother, Darlene, in Indiana. Brynn’s grandmother died in 2021 and the reality star later honored her life on Instagram.

“Don’t call your mom today and only chat for a few obligatory minutes. Stay on the phone for as long as you possibly can, maybe even ask her if you can record the conversation. When you talk – Thank her over and over again for being your mom,” she wrote at the time. “Tell her you know she did her best, and her best was more than enough- in fact, it was perfect. Thank her for helping you become the person you are today. Tell her that you hope you’re making her proud. Because one day… you will feel how I do today.”

Who Are Brynn Whitfield’s Parents?

Although Brynn has gushed over her late grandmother on multiple occasions, she has yet to open up about her parents. Since the season is still in the beginning episodes, fans may learn more about her family dynamic in the later episodes or seasons.

Is Brynn Whitfield Dating?

Fans met Brynn during the RHONY season 14 premiere in July as a single woman and her relationship status has yet to change as of publication.

“I am single. I feel so lame, I’m like I should have got a boyfriend for this red carpet! I am single, though,” she told The Daily Dish at the time, noting she’s “Still hanging out with like, two exes.”

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Brynn Whitfield, Erin Lichy, Sai De Silva, Jenna Lyons, Jessel Taank, Ubah Hassan.

Brynn is “attempting to heal from past hardships” and “craves stability and having the kind of family she longed for as a child,” according to her Bravo bio.

That being said, the Manhattan resident revealed she thinks Southern Charm’s ​Shep Rose “is cute” during a July appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

“Don’t — this is a setup. I have a little secret,” Brynn told Andy after he asked which Bravo singles she finds attractive. “It takes one commitment-phobe to know another commitment-phobe, right? I like Southern Charm. I’m from Indiana, so Midwest and the down south, we play dirty.”