Let us explain! Social media is currently overflowing with predictions on what Kylie Jenner will name her baby girl — but one fan theory actually makes a lot of sense. Butterflies remain the central theme when it comes to possible names for the newborn but unlike Mariposa, a fan-favorite, one Twitter user is going in a slightly different direction.

“Kylie Jenner’s baby’s name is CHRYSALIS,” she wrote before pointing to evidence that proves she is on the right track. “She posted a snap of a big ‘C’ in flowers, a gift from Khloé [Kardashian]. Possibly the first letter of her baby’s name? Also, her and boyfriend Travis Scott have a thing for butterfly’s [sic] and a Chrysalis is the pupa, or baby form, of a butterfly.”

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a Chrysalis is “the hardened outer protective layer of a pupa,” so so far, so good. However, it’s her last point that really convinced us we will be meeting Chrysalis Webster very soon! (Fun fact: Travis’ real name is not Travis Scott).

“Lastly, the short form of Chrysalis is Chrys, which can also be spelled as Kris, which is an obvious tribute to Kylie’s mom,” she added. “Honestly embarrassed I tweeted this cause I couldn’t care less but I needed to share my theory with the world.” We’re glad you did, @KrayZ_KZ!

If you’re wondering why fans are convinced Kylie, 20, and Travis, 25, will be naming their daughter after the winged-insect, you only need to look at their social media. Along with rocking matching butterfly tattoos, the couple has decorated the girl’s nursery with butterflies and Kylie has been flaunting jewelry adorned with the creatures since news of her pregnancy first surfaced. Also, “Butterfly Effect” anyone?

Despite all the signs, sources revealed to Life & Style that Kylie is not ready to reveal the news to the world. “She has a name picked out, but has only shared it with a few people,” the source explained. We can wait.