Two of Mama June Shannon‘s little ducks are in a row and accounted for on her TV show Mama June: From Not to Hot — and while everyone knows that June is currently estranged from her oldest daughter Anna Cardwell, there’s another daughter missing from the show — Jessica Shannon! Though the 19-year-old was a staple of the June family’s previous TLC series, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, many fans are wondering why the second-oldest daughter hasn’t made an appearance on the reality TV show’s WeTV spinoff.

Since graduating high school two years ago, Jessica hasn’t joined her sisters Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, Lauryn, and her mother Mama June on From Not to Hot. While the reason why might not be what you expect, Jessica still shares a lot of info about her life on Instagram. Since we don’t get to see her on TV as much anymore, here’s what we know. Keep scrolling to find out more about what Jessica Shannon has been up to since graduating high school!

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Does Jessica Shannon have a boyfriend?

Most likely, the second-year college student doesn’t have a boyfriend. “Who needs a boyfriend when you have a Logan?” she captioned an Instagram photo of an adorable little boy. (Fans think it might be the son of a friend or a family member like a first or second cousin.)

Where does Jessica Shannon live?

When the Shannon family made the move from McIntyre, GA to Hampton, Jessica — who was then 17 at the time — did not make the move alongside her mother and sisters. Instead, she stayed in McIntyre, despite her family being over an hour away.

“The reason Jessica stayed in McIntyre is because she only has two and a half months to graduate,” Mama June wrote on Facebook in 2015. At the time, Jessica was a senior in high school, just about to graduate and go off to college.

jessica shannon graduation

Jessica Shannon on her high school graduation day.

“It was a hard decision but she wanted to graduate with her friends she had been with for 10 years,” Mama June continued. “But she comes home and we talk.”

Why does Jessica Shannon not appear on Mama June?

Jessica is currently away at college so she is not a series regular on From Not to Hot.

Where does Jessica Shannon go to college?

Jessica graduated from Wilkinson County High School in McIntyre, Georgia in 2015. Since becoming the first member of her family to graduate with a high school diploma, Jessica went off to college and is currently attending South Georgia State College.

jessica shannon college

Jessica also found her best friend while away at school thanks to a heartfelt Instagram post. “You know how they say your going meet your best friend for life in college, well all I gotta say is I found mine! Don’t know how I’m make it next semester with out you and the rest of this month girlie . Love ya chick [sic],” she wrote. She tagged her friend Katelyn Hancock.

What is Jessica Shannon’s family nickname?

All of the Shannon-Thompson family members have distinctive nicknames! Alana goes by “Honey Boo Boo,” Lauryn by “Pumpkin,” June by “Mama June,” and Anna Cardwell (née Shannon) by “Chickadee,” and even Mama June’s ex-husband (and Alana’s father) Mike Thompson went by “Sugar Bear.” Jessica Shannon’s family nickname is “Chubbs.”

Does Jessica Shannon have a son?

Jessica does not have a son. Though the 19-year-old isn’t a mother as of yet, she did recently become an aunt again. Her sister, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, welcomed her first child — a baby girl named Ella Grace Efird — with her fiancé Joshua Efird in December 2017.

Upon announcing her pregnancy back in August, Pumpkin told the From Not to Hot crew in a confessional, “Because of all the girls in our family, I’m probably having a girl. Can you imagine another little f–king me running around? You guys are going to be f–ked!”