‘Outer Banks’ Season 1 Character Deaths Explained — Big John, Sheriff Peterkin and Season 2 Theories

In April 2020, Outer Banks season 1 aired on Netflix and fans of the teen drama have been obsessed ever since. That said, there’s a lot more to the show than meets the eye. Sure, it’s about love and friendship, but it also features a considerable amount of mystery, death and crime. In the case of John B’s dad, Big John, it might just be all three! 

*Warning: spoilers ahead.* Early in the season, John B (played by actor Chase Stokes) is convinced his father (played by actor Charles Halford) is missing at sea. However, in episode 8, “The Runaway,” Ward Cameron (played by actor Charles Esten) admits he killed Big John while the pair was on the hunt for the Royal Merchant treasure. 

After Big John suggested he and Ward split the gold 80/20, Ward became enraged and physically violent. At one point, he accidentally pushed Big John too hard, causing him to hit the back of his head on the boat and bleed out. 

Naturally, Ward panicked and decided to throw him overboard. The last time viewers see Big John is in a flashback in which he washed up on the shore still alive. In his last moments, he carved John B a message on his compass. 

Some fan theories suggest that Big John isn’t actually dead and he’s hiding out in The Bahamas. Would that be an awesome plot twist? Yes! Is it likely? No. Ward sent his associate Scooter Grubbs (played by actor David Ury) to find Big John’s remains and he was very much deceased.

Unless Outer Banks turns into a series about the supernatural, we don’t think anyone is coming back from the dead. Sadly, Big John wasn’t the only character to die in season 1. Sheriff Peterkin (played by actress Adina Porter) was shot and killed by Rafe Cameron (played by actor Drew Starkey).

Even if Rafe pulled the trigger, Sheriff Peterkin’s death was, once again, Ward Cameron’s fault. Scroll through the gallery below to learn more about who dies on Outer Banks