With the end of Bachelor in Paradise season 9 approaching, audiences are curious about who ends up with whom this season, including Blake Moynes. Blake and Jess Girod hit it off on day one in Mexico, but things have been rocky ever since.

Who Does Blake Moynes End Up With on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

While Blake and Jess became a couple at the very beginning of the season, Reality Steve said that the couple doesn’t get engaged and they do not leave Paradise together. Instead, Blake chose to self-eliminate from the competition.

The reality TV blogger didn’t have many extra details to reveal regarding Blake’s departure. On July 18, 2023, he wrote, “Blake Moynes was involved with Jess Girod during filming, but same as Rachel, at some point self-eliminated. He wasn’t eliminated at a rose ceremony.”

Who Does Blake Moynes End With on Bachelor in Paradise?
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Blake Moynes’ Ex-Fiancée Shows Up During Filming

In an upcoming episode of BiP season 9, Katie Thurston, Blake’s ex-fiancée, arrives on the beach to have a talk with him. This marked the first time he’s seen Katie since their split, and it makes audiences wonder if her arrival played a role in Blake leaving single.

However, Blake and Jess had already begun to experience some bumps in the road even without the arrival of Katie. During episode 5, which aired on October 26, the couple sat down for a serious talk.

Blake told Jess, “I’m trying to be optimistic, but I feel the unsureness in you, and that makes me worried. We aren’t fully trying. We’re, like, going through the emotions and it’s, like, cute and fun. And there’s moments when you make me feel really good, but I’m not fully into it because you’re not fully into it.”

When she said she wasn’t sure about their connection, Blake decided to give her some space. While the couple eventually came back together, it doesn’t look like anything developed into a long-term relationship.

Blake Leaves ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Single

Both Jess and Blake went on dates with other people during their time on the show. Jess developed a connection with Tyler Norris, from Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette, and Blake went on a date with Genevie Mayo, who audiences met during Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor.

No love connections were made, however, and Blake and Jess ended up back together. Now, it looks like they decided to go their separate ways after Blake decided to self-eliminate.

New episodes of Bachelor in Paradise air on Thursday nights on ABC.