Tyler Norris had a successful time in Bachelor ​in Paradise season 8 and left the beach in a relationship with ex Brittany Galvin. Continuing their romance in the real world was a problem for them, though, and they split before filming the reunion. Tyler GAVE love another shot for the third time after he returned to the summer hotspot during season 9, and fans are wondering who he ended up with as his relationship with Mercedes Northup heated up.

Who Did Tyler Leave Paradise With?

The small business owner ​– who got all the way to hometowns with Rachel Recchia during her season of The Bachelorette – had success during his first 24 hours back on the beach.

Tyler joined the season 9 cast during the third episode and shocked ex Rachel , to say the least.

“Another one of my ex-boyfriends is joining the beach!” she sarcastically said upon Tyler’s entrance down the stairs to Paradise.

That being said, the Bachelor alum was willing to see if there was still a spark between them after she sent ​Tyler home. Tyler and Rachel’s reunion conversation proved they are both attracted to each other ​still, but he decided to give Mercedes his date card.

Who Does Tyler Norris End Up With on 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

The pair had a romantic dinner date, and the vibes were high. Tyler admitted he wanted to pursue her after she went on Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor, leading her to say he was “number one” on her list. The Bachelor Nation hotties also encountered two “signs” as a stray raccoon appeared during their date and a shooting star breezed past them.

Tyler and Mercedes shared their lovey-dovey shooting star wishes, which included “something special happening” between them and a kiss. After a passionate lip locking session, Mercedes was on cloud nine.

“I had such a good time with Tyler. I’ve never been so happy – ever in my life!” she said in a post-date confessional.

Unsurprisingly, Mercedes accepted Tyler’s rose at the ceremony, leaving former partner Will Urena single.

While Tyler and Mercedes seemed to have a strong connection, the pair reached their breaking point during the November 30, 2023, episode. As the season came to an end, the reality stars were encouraged to consider a future with their partners outside of the show.

“We haven’t gotten deeper with each other… I don’t feel like you are trying to pursue me,” Mercedes told Tyler as she expressed her concerns about their relationship.

Tyler then admitted he never felt a spark with Mercedes, which left her feeling like he used her to get a rose and stay on the beach.

“I feel used. If there’s no spark … I just feel like you’re here having fun and that pisses me off, because now I feel like my time has been wasted,” Mercedes said. “I could’ve left here with someone and had an amazing relationship, and now we’re at the end and I can’t. You weren’t honest with me. I don’t think you’ll be getting my rose tonight.”

After the tough conversation, Tyler chose to leave the beach before the rose ceremony and Merceds ultimately gave her rose to Jordan Vandergriff.

What Happened to Tyler During ‘BiP’ Season 8?

Tyler experienced a lot of almosts during his televised romances. Rachel dumped him before she met his family during hometowns, and his relationship with Brittany ended shortly after leaving Paradise.

The former couple discussed their breakup during the reunion, where Tyler claimed Brittany needed space after they met each other’s families and broke up with him via FaceTime. However, she later claimed ​via Twitter that wasn’t the truth of their split.

“We ended on mutual terms. This came out of nowhere,” she tweeted on November 22, 2022.