The Bachelorettes Charity Lawson had a handsome group of men to whittle down until she decided to hand out her final rose at the end of season 20.

Who Does Charity Lawson Pick In the Finale of ‘The Bachelorette’?

Charity has been cagey about whether or not she gets engaged, or who her final two contestants are. “Obviously engagement was something that was on the table and something that I thought about, but then I was also like, ‘Okay, well, an engagement isn’t end all, be all,’” she told People. “You see me waiver with that.”

However, ahead of the season 20 finale, airing on August 21, spoilers have been revealed that point to one man as Charity’s fiancé: Dotun Olubeko. According to show spoiler Reality Steve, Charity accepts a rose from the Nigeria-born Integrative Medicine Specialist. This theory was further confirmed after Bachelor Nation Scoop shared a leaked photo of the Fiji proposal on August 18.

Who Makes it to Charity Lawson’s Final Four on ‘The Bachelorette’?

Show spoiler Reality Steve has reported that she selected four hotties to vie for her potential hand in marriage. They include Dotun, salesman Aaron Bryant from Katy, Texas, Euclid, Ohio, biomedical scientist Xavier Bonner and Joey Graziadei, a professional tennis player from Koloa, Hawaii.

Aaron is out of the running as Charity’s final selection, as he appears as a contestant on the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise Season 9. He did make it to the final three, as Reality Steve confirmed he had a Fantasy Suite date with the child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia. “I think it’s safe to say Aaron did not win,” Reality Steve said in a May 2023 podcast episode, adding, “In fact, I will say it: Aaron didn’t win.”

The finale takes place in Fiji, and the famed spoiler claims Dotun also made Charity’s final three as he saw video of him in the tropical locale while filming the Fantasy Suites episode.

What Is Charity Lawson Looking for In a Future Husband?

“There are a few traits I definitely know that I need after going through past relationships,” she during a May 2023 appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

“I need someone who is confident and is sure of what they want, so we’re not playing games. I want someone who is funny. A sense of humor is really important. And I want someone who is authentic. I want someone who is themselves and they don’t feel a need to put on a façade. I want the true, real you. Those are the top three things, I think!” she added.

When Did Charity Lawson Become a Member of Bachelor Nation?

She appeared on Zach Shallcross‘ season 27 of The Bachelor, coming in fourth place. She was eliminated after the hometown dates and was named the next Bachelorette during the March 15, 2023, Women Tell All special.