The Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey has been dating her boyfriend, rapper DDG, since early 2022. However, their relationship began to turn heads in July 2023 when DDG released a rap song with some concerning lyrics that seemed to be about Halle. Keep scrolling to learn more about DDG, his relationship with Halle and why he’s facing criticism.

Who Is Halle Bailey’s Boyfriend, DDG?

DDG, whose full name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr, got his start as a YouTuber in 2014. He enrolled in Central Michigan University in 2015 but dropped out after a year to pursue a professional music career. DDG signed to Epic Records in 2018 and later founded his own label, Zooted Music. He has released dozens of singles, including the popular song “Moonwalking in Calabasas,” which peaked at No. 81 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2020.

Halle and DDG first sparked dating rumors in January 2022 before they made the relationship Instagram official in March. The two met when he DM’d her, although she was a longtime fan of his YouTube videos, as Halle told Essence in 2022.

DDG gushed about Halle during an interview on The Breakfast Club in November, revealing that he could see himself “eventually” proposing to her.

“I’ve never been with nobody that’s, like, really motivated me like she do [sic],” he said.

Why Is DDG Facing Backlash?

DDG released his album Maybe It’s Me … on July 14, 2023, featuring the song “Famous.” The song is about the rapper’s insecurities while dating a famous woman. “Hardest thing I did was fall in love with a famous bitch,” DDG raps.

The lyrics also include references to DDG’s girlfriend “kissing dudes” while “filming a movie” and “holding hands in the photo” used for the movie’s promotion. Many fans believe this is a reference to Halle holding hands with her Little Mermaid costar, Jonah Hauer-King, who played Prince Eric, at the London premiere in May. 

DDG also raps about wanting to leave the famous woman but being “too attached.” He also calls her “the girl that I claim” and worries that she texts her costars outside of work. 

Fans online have reacted to the song by labeling DDG a “failed rapper” and claiming that he is jealous of Halle. DDG addressed the backlash in a video on July 16.

“They’re calling me a failed rapper right now yea, so it’s starting back up,” he said. “I want y’all to know, listen, ‘Famous’ is just a song okay? It’s just music y’all. Just how movies is just movies, songs is just songs [sic]. Y’all gotta relax and worry about y’all own stuff, and it’s all entertainment. It’s the entertainment business. Relax, calm down, chill out you know it is what it is, I’m used to getting hated on.”

What Has Halle Bailey Said About DDG?

Halle has not yet commented on “Famous.” In the past, however, the actress has gushed about her relationship. 

“I think the best thing about young love is that you’re able to continue to find yourself through this journey of loving somebody else,” she told People in May 2023. “And you’re discovering new parts of yourself and maybe things that you didn’t notice before about your heart.”