Fans have seen The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Whitney Rose and husband Justin Rose face life challenges and milestones since the series debut in 2020. Though they usually unite and face the hard times together, the pair’s marital struggles will be highlighted throughout season 4. That being said, Whitney has revealed where her relationship with Justin stands today.

When Did ‘RHOSLC’ Star Whitney Rose and Justin Get Married?

Whitney met Justin when she began working for him at Nu Skin. The Bravo stars were both in respective marriages at the time and ended up in an affair with one another. Whitney ended her marriage with her ex-husband ​– whose identity remains unknown – to be with Justin, While Justin ended his marriage to first wife Stasie Koford. Justin and Whitney wed in 2009.

The duo renewed their vows during the RHOSLC premiere, where costar Heather Gay, who happens to be Whitney’s cousin, admitted she doesn’t see them working out in the long run.

Later in the season, Whitney opened up about how she and Justin’s families didn’t accept their marriage right away.

“It is so hard to be in a second marriage. But I’ve beaten the odds so far! And it hasn’t been pretty. It’s been messy at times because Justin’s family made it very clear that I will never replace his ex-wife,” she said during the January 2021 episode. “My in-laws, they still hung Justin and Stasie’s wedding picture [in their house].”

ho Is ‘RHOSLC’ Star Whitney Rose's Husband? Meet Justin
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Whitney and Justin have since welcomed daughter Bobbie Rose and ​son Brooks Rose.

Who Is RHOSLC’s Justin Rose’s Ex-Wife?

Before Justin married his now-reality star wife, he was previously married to ex-wife Stasie. The two welcomed children Austin “Cash,” McCade Christopher and Trey Anthony, who are now adults.

What Is RHOSLC’s Justin Rose’s Job?

Viewers watched the couple’s dynamic shift after Justin was fired from his job during season 3. He worked as the chief sales officer and chief sales and marketing officer at LifeVantage Corporation for almost seven years before his 2022 firing, according to LinkedIn.

Justin was ​blindsighted after he was let go from the company. His boss was ​reportedly “concerned” that Whitney’s reality television fame was a conflict of interest.

“He said how much he appreciated the work I had done but, ‘With Whitney being a public figure, I just didn’t see how we were going to be able to make this continue to work.’ That was how the conversation started,” he told Whitney during a season 3 episode.

The “Wild Rose” podcast host later admitted in a confessional that she believed her husband was punished for their intimate season 2 scene where they made NSFW love art oncamera.

“It is normal to want to be intimate with your husband. It feels like that final straw is when we did the ‘love is art’ [scene],” she said.

Justin quickly found a new career path and his new job will be revealed later in season 4.

Whitney and Justin Rose Face Marriage Troubles in ‘RHOSLC’

While the pair navigated Justin’s unemployment with grace, the couple questioned their marriage during season 4.

“It was our anniversary, I just asked, ‘Do you still wanna do this?’’’ Whitney told costar Angie Katsanevas in the trailer. “He was like, ‘Do you?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know.’” Later in the teaser, the Wild Rose Beauty founder was seen upset while confessing to her husband that seeing his wedding ring in the “drawer every day” upset her.

Fans have yet to see their marriage woes play out, but Whitney has already shared that she and Justin are now “fine.”

“Our marriage isn’t any different than anyone else’s. We just share it, whether people like it or not. We’re not sharing cringey things anymore,” she told Us Weekly on September 11. “I think he didn’t work for a year. I got used to having him at home and I just focused on my businesses. So, the balance of work, life, kids [and] marriage had to be reset.”