Why does Heather Gay have a black eye? That’s the question every Real Housewives of Salt Lake City viewer was asking before the season 3 two-part reunion episode. Heather and her costars got grilled by none other than Andy Cohen during the season finisher, and Heather finally revealed how she got her infamous bruised eye.

In the show’s mid-season trailer, released in November 2022, the Bravo star, 40, removed her sunglasses and showed costar Meredith Marks a huge bruise around her left eye. For weeks prior, fans had been speculating about what could have gone wrong. Viewers got some insight during the 12th episode of season 3, which aired on December 21, 2022.

“I didn’t say I don’t remember how it happened,” Heather said during her RHOSLC confessional. “I just said I’m not talking about it. It’s first rule about fight club.”

During the episode, the other ladies speculated that someone might have punched her.

“I don’t wanna get anyone in trouble,” Heather added during a conversation with costar Jen Shah. “I think we all know what happened. I just think we don’t wanna talk about it.” Keep reading for what we know so far about Heather Gay’s black eye. 

How Did Heather Gay Get a Black Eye?

When it was time to come clean during the reunion on January 25, Heather said she “blacked out” and truly “didn’t know” how it happened. Costar Lisa Barlow then pushed in an attempt to get a bit more of the story.

“I feel like they needed you to say the truth because it impacted people that were on production that were up late with us,” Lisa said. “Then it makes them look like they did it to you.”

Heather acknowledged there was “no way to hide” the black eye, continuing, “I went to my thing which is just humor, and just make it go away, and it didn’t go away … But I certainly do not want to implicate anyone here, anyone on production. It’s my own guilt and shame about blacking out and not being able to explain it.”

The mysterious black eye has been the focal point for fans. Following season 3 episode 11, RHOSLC viewers took to social media and shared their disappointment about the unresolved issue that is Heather’s black eye.

“Me on my deathbed still waiting to find out who gave Heather Gay this damn black eye #RHOSLC,” one Twitter user wrote, alongside a photo of Rose from the Titanic claiming, “It’s been 84 years … “

Why Does 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' Heather Gay Have a Black Eye? Get Spoilers

Another person revealed that they “thought the Barbie trailer would complete” them, however, added, “But then I remembered that I still don’t know how Heather Gay got a black eye.”

A third Twitter user called Bravo “unhinged” for thinking that “we’re supposed to look at Heather Gay with that ginormous black eye and not know what happened ???”

One Reddit user has a completely different black eye theory, claiming that “nobody punched Heather Gay” amid various theories that she was hit.

“If someone had punched Heather … their hand or wrist must have been injured (every action has an equal and opposite reaction). However, as I observed the girls, it doesn’t seem like either of their hands are injured,” the now-viral post read. “I personally believe she either did this to herself to either deflect from the drama or, as some users pointed out, maybe the eye is a stye from a Beauty Lab procedure, colored with purple makeup to look like a black eye.”

The mention of Beauty Lab is referring to Heather’s company. Some social media theorists have speculated that the black eye is also from a procedure goes wrong.

“Heather Gay’s bruising/black eye most likely came from bad botched Botox injection,” one Twitter user claimed. “She can’t say she got it from Beauty Lab bc that would hurt her own business.”

Does Meredith Marks Know How Heather Gay Got a Black Eye?

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on December 14, Meredith did speak about Heather’s black eye.

“Well I have been appointed as Miss Gay’s counsel,” the Bravo star, 51, joked. “I cannot comment. It’s privileged.”

Did Whitney Rose Give Heather Gay a Black Eye?

Heather and Whitney Rose‘s relationship has had its ups and downs throughout the season. However, the Wild Rose Beauty founder, 36, has denied giving Heather the black eye.

“Did you do this yes or no,” a fan account asked on Twitter in August 2022, ahead of the season 3 premiere, referring to the now-infamous black eye. Whitney replied, “NO! Of course not.”

Meredith, for her part, also addressed the Heather and Whitney feud on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, revealing that she thinks the Bad Mormon author “definitely leaves a lot when confronted.” Meredith continued, “She wants to make it light and fun and is not great at addressing the issue.”

It seems as though Whitney is innocent after all!