The Bachelor baddie Maria Georgas is not just that girl, but she’s daddy’s girl. Maria introduced her father during her introduction video on night ​1 and shared that he owns a sprinkle company. The Canada native made it to Joey Graziadei’s final four women and fans will watch her two favorite men meet for the first time during hometowns.

Who Is ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Maria Georgas’ Dad?

Maria is the daughter of Nick Georgas and her mother, whose identity is unknown.

What Is ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Maria Georgas’ Dad’s Job?

Maria lived the sweet life with her candyman pops! The reality star further opened up about her dad’s career after her Bachelor debut and revealed that her family has always been in the candy business.

“I got a lot of questions about what my dad does, and you saw a snippet of me talking about how he owns a ​sprinkle company, which is true,” she said in a February 2 TikTok video. “You know, I always say someone’s got to do it because everyone loves sprinkles and they come from somewhere, right?”

The fashionista shared that her “grandfather owned a chocolate factory with his family” and her dad was involved in the business with his brood.

Who Is ‘The Bachelor’ Star Maria Georgas’ Dad? Meet Nick
Maria Georgas/ Instagram

“So, growing up, all I heard was like my dad’s really Wonka, which is so funny. I love it, but they sold the business and my dad ventured out and did something on his own which was sprinkles,” she continued, adding, “Yeah, he looks like a rock star but he’s a candy man.”

According to Nick’s LinkedIn profile, he “started at the age of 10 working on equipment making chocolate and rainbow sprinkles” and is the president of Jubilee Candy Corp.

Does Maria Georgas’ Dad Like Bachelor Joey Graziadei?

Bachelor Nation got a sneak peek into the hometowns episode where the tennis pro will meet the families of his final four women including Maria, Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson and Rachel Nance. Unsurprisingly, the ladies’ parents shared their concern over their daughters’ oncamera dating life and fear their hearts will be broken … considering there’s a 75 percent chance it will.

Maria’s dad is no different and wasted no time telling Joey that Maria is the light of his life. Before Joey and Nick met, Maria told her beau that she never introduced a boyfriend to her family, so taking him home was a big deal.

“It’s hard for me right now because I don’t know where you stand,” Nick told Joey during their one-on-one conversation before sharing his blunt feeling in a confessional.

“Maria is 100% daddy’s girl. If she gets hurt, it would be a problem for Joey,” he said.

Are The Bachelor’s Maria Georgas’ Mom and Dad Still Married?

The executive assistant has opened up about being a child of divorced parents during season 28. Maria may have a solid relationship with her dad, but she has to work on maintaining a relationship with her mom.

During episode 5, Maria shared with Joey that she experienced a traumatic car accident as a child. She was in the car with her mother, who suffered critical injuries.

“A semi-truck basically fell on top of my mom’s car. It was really bad. It’s crazy to even think about. My car seat was in, like, pieces. I was literally announced dead at the scene. It was in newspapers as a miracle at the time. It was a very scary situation,” Maria recalled. “My mom wasn’t around for most of my childhood. [She] wasn’t capable of being the mother she really wanted to. When I was younger, I didn’t really understand why my mom left. She wasn’t around for me. She just wasn’t around.”

Although Maria’s mom struggled with being a parent after the life-altering collision, Nick advocated for his now ex-wife, which ultimately allowed the women to remain in contact.

“My mom and I are still a work in progress,” she admitted to Joey. “It’s been so much better. She thought you were so cute and she’s going to be excited to hopefully meet you.”